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Unusual Killer Exclusive Burning Flames
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Unusual Killer Exclusive (Burning Flames)

(3 exist)

Old price: (submitted as) 100-115 buds [11 months ago]

New price: 300 buds

I've owned this hat for nearly a year. In that year, I have never made any public indication of wanting to sell it. Never listed it on Outpost, never offered it around. Yet, this hasn't stopped a lot of traders coming to me with offers.

The first person to do that was Monkey TF2-T[A]. He offered $4,500 USD (in cash). It was tempting at that time, it really was. But I held onto it...I didn't need to sell it, and I really enjoyed wearing it.

Some time passed, more people came to me with offers. When TacosWillEatUs put his TC up for sale, a couple people who wanted the TC, but couldn't get it came to me. During the time the Burning TC was up, I was offered 150 pure. By this point though, I knew I had something really special and wasn't planning on giving it up anytime soon. Besides, a previous owner of my very own killer exclusive was offered a Burning TC anyways, and that was over a year ago.

More time passed. The Burning TC sold, for a record amount. The Twin Cities MvM update came about, and the first Golden Pan dropped. It was an absolutely HUGE show on Outpost. The thread had tens of thousands of views, hundreds of bookmarks. It sold for an even bigger record breaking amount of $5,500 USD. I thought to myself, if a silly golden pan can sell for that much, what does that make the best unusual in all of TF2 worth?

Weeks and months after the Burning TC sale, the offers continued to come, still completely unsolicited. I was offered a Burning Crone Dome + 10. Didn't interest me much. 2 other offers of about 210-220 mixed in unusuals. Politely declined. Other unusuals just didn't interest me.

Gorror, the collector who bought TacosWillEatUs' Burning Team Captain, came to me. I knew he was a serious collector, someone who would be true to his word when he stated his interest. He understood that I loved the hat, that it was part of my identity, and that selling it was the last thing on my mind. But we talked. Gorror really wanted it. He was "ready to break my records" This grabbed my attention?

I had become really attached to this hat, when the time came, would I really agree to sell it? I honestly couldn't decide. Part of my history in Tf2 is I've collected craft #1 items. I picked up the Killer Exclusive craft #1 from the original crafter ages ago, and held onto it since. I came to the conclusion that if I were to ever sell one, I would have to sell both the Burning flames AND the Craft #1 together, as a pair.

My insane price was met, without negotiation, bartering or haggling. Gorror and I agreed on a cash amount (which eventually was converted to 400 earbuds) for the Exclusive pair. Obviously, this had to be a "collecting" offer, as it takes time to gather the funds. Shortly after we made our agreement, Gorror offered to pay 25 buds to me in advance, as a down payment, and to also prove that he was serious.

Gorror kept good on his word. He collected the earbuds. We traded today, March 7. Proof.

25 earbuds downpayment: (25 of the 300 earbuds)

Craft #1 Killer Exclusive: (100 earbuds)

Burning Flames Killer Exclusive: (275 of the 300 earbuds, biggest I could make it to fit on my monitor, sorry!)

In the end, I decided to do it. I really, honestly and truly adored these hats. But in the end, I know the undisputed best unusual hat in tf2, will go to someone who will appreciate it just as much as I did.


      I really wish I could of bought it for 4500... Damnit shadow lol. Grads though buddy.

        Upvote, good proof and I'm jelly

          Unprecedented. New defining sale of TF2 unusual trading. Incredible. Wow.

            History in the making, gg no re.

              impressive life story :P i feel sorry for anyone who wants to count the buds and verify there are 300 in total

              also i can only vote because of my mod powers, apperantly i can only vote up to 271 buds, but i can accept this

     the range should be 0-300 buds btw

                Yeah pls close and resuggest. :P

                  control+F or use trade calculator :)

                  Upvote, good proof, been watching Gorror amass these buds for months, congrats to both of you!

                    I doubt Vo0 or hla will be selling theirs any time soon and the chances of one of these being unboxed are extremely small. For all intents and purposes, this sale represents the market for these.

                    inb4 100 comments of "wolololol i can vote on this"

                      wolololol i can vote on this...wait, no I cant

                        I'm so close :P 210 buds is my max

                        (implying that's close)

                          Didn't even know there was a restriction on what you can vote on.

                          Guess, I can vote on anything :o

                        cancer 0/10

                          I would have never had the patience to hold out on all those offers. Kudos to you.

                            Just commenting here to be part of tf2 history, and glad that I can upvote this :) Congrats shadow and gorror!

                              upvote. I approve.

                                G ****ing G. Upvote.

                                  gg burning team captain

                                    I wish I was rich enough to be worthy of voting.

                                    One day.

                                      Wait I can vote on this?

                                      Thanks scotiabank, I uses I am richer than I can think.

                                        $11230.50. This sale, my friends, will forever go down in TF2 history. I wish it could have happened a day later, though, so it could be on my birthday.

                                        Spiritual upvote.


                                                what dumb, gullible, kid has the funds to collect 300 buds?

                                                  *Facepalm* Just read the notes..carefully.

                                                so much for the tf2 economy dying. #SavetheKeyzz

                                                  I just noticed you're #3 for top richest backpacks. Grats on that too! :)

                                                  Wish I can upvote, damn you voting limit.

                                                      Someone is butthurt.

                                                          How is this blatant sharking. Did he manipulate Gorror? Nope. Did he misrepresent prices? Nope. Do you think Gorror is fully aware of the fact that the hat will be priced at 300 buds once he buys it? Yep.

                                                          Dude, are you high are something?

                                                          Edit: Disliking everyone's posts isn't making you seem any smarter btw.

                                                              Read what I wrote above.

                                                                This is what Outpost defines as Sharking:

                                                                "No sharking. Sharking is defined as manipulating another user into trading/selling a valuable item for 10% or less of its accepted value (or 20% or less for users with less than 200 hours in that game) or any other deceptive trading practice that the staff consider to be against the spirit of this rule. We participate in a network of trading sites that do not tolerate taking advantage of other users for personal gain."


                                                          What does this have to do with kyrann? lol

                                                            Because I didn't read carefully, and he hates poor people


                                                          Remember when the hat used to go for 0 buds


                                                            Gentlemen we have reached terminal priceocity

                                                              gold pan, burning TC, burning crones have nothing on this GG

                                                                Oh lord gonna have to up vote this as soon as I can figure out how

                                                                  Ermagerd, upvote

                                                                    You won life

                                                                            Why so rude ?