Price Suggestion
Terror-Watt Company Man
Submitted by Jester
~22.5 keys
Unusual Company Man Terror-Watt
130 votes up
6 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Delicious Cashew is impersonated.

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newun, need this for another PC.

Sold for a harvest dapper's, unknown who offered

Price = 5.1 buds

Offered + 10 keys for Killa Beak = 5.5 buds k4v & hanwul

1:1 for moon coupe = 5-6 buds

Mini PC on Coupe: (5 pure offer) 6 bud b/o

Less useful sales:

Sold for Stormy Beak (old)+ 1 bud + 23 keys = 5.6 buds hanwul & Muffin

1:1 for Stormy Gibus (~8 buds, but 5 month old price)

1:1 with Sulph Flamenco, unsure who offered.

Price: (7 buds, but 3 month old price)

Sold for CB Tree + Hearts PI (both really outdated)

Current trades: B/O 9 buds 7.5 buds 8+ buds 7 buds 8 buds

Now then, back to the real PC i was doing. #30in30