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~4200 keys
Unusual Coffin Kit It's A Secret To Everybody
25 votes up
1 vote down
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Slight alteration of my previous suggestion, all proof is located here:

I was told to make it 100 flat by some white, chilly mammal that can't see very well.

      As always, Vince is able to convince just about anyone. The 0.2 bit is really deceiving here because it gives a false sense of accuracy. The reality is that most hats used here are outdated and the sale value here is 100+/-10 buds. I would prefer a re-suggestion at 100 flat.

      blind polar bear · posted 18 minutes ago · Score: 0Like·Dislike·

      Do you want me to do it again at 100 flat?

      Derpy the DeerSlayer · posted 8 minutes ago · Score: 0Like·Dislike·

      I'd prefer that

      blind polar bear · posted 6 minutes ago · Score: 0Like·Dislike·


      Derpy the DeerSlayer · posted 5 minutes ago · Score: 0Like·Dislike·

        Wow! It's like I didn't even delete the comment! Funny how that works.

Lmao @ the 2 week old suggestion being closed because of a 0.2 decimal

    He closed it himself. :P

      Python, don't get your panties in a knot.