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Collector's Pain Train
Submitted by ketchup
~8 keys
Collector's Pain Train
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C. Pain Train

As Requested by JIGRON from: - Sold for 1 buds (17 Keys at that time) - B/O of 14 Keys - Offered Orb. Planets Berliner ~15 Keys - Offered 7 Keys + S. All-Father + Birdman ~14 Keys


Only one of these sold.

    Another proof above is sold for 17 Keys. (1 buds)

      I wouldn't say a 2 months old sale is valid

    Eh. Both sales at 17 are really old for a collectors item. And that offer of 15 keys was 3 weeks ago. Do you really think it's fair to price this off of offers / sales 3-5 weeks old? Especially when you consider prices on other collectors in the last 3-5 weeks

      Man, I can hardly find sales off this Well, since I don't think it's fair too going to close this.