Price Suggestion
Strange Scattergun
Submitted by ketchup
~17.39 ref
Strange Scattergun
271 votes up
40 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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S, Scattergun

As Requested by Raven from:

Sales @ 3 ref: - Sold without a bump - Sold without a bump (Was selling @ 3.11 at first, bumped once) - Sold without a bump - Sold without a bump

Sales @ 3.33: - Sold without a bump - Sold without a bump - Sold within a bump - Sold without a bump

Rare at 3 refined, and all of them are quicksells. Can't even find one there. 3.33 might seems too low, but can't find more @ 3.33+ sales.


    Definitely needs a rise. Demands of this stock stranges won't stop till Valve releases new crates with the stock weps. Upvote. On other notes if you remember the pyro you hated and killed him using your spy at the Trade_plaza_sg_5 ,well that is me :3

      Hate you :C I'm still idling in that server by the way. xD

      Cause I can't find proof on sales @ 3.66. If you feel to make a Counter Suggestion, then go.

        I dont need to make a suggestion to make my profit when I'm trading. All I'm doing is showing that more is easily possible. Looking from another point at this suggestions shows that 3.33 flat is maybe the best price, because it seems to be the most commonly traded price and automatically implies trades happening below and above the suggested price. Sold mine with overpay, I guess it sorta needs a raise. Wouldn't mind adding more sales if you want :3

        Feel free to make a Counter-Suggestion.

          Never said anything about your range being wrong? 0o But yeah, hard to find a trade for 3 ref nowadays without it being closed in the next few minutes.

            I'm trying to encourage new users from to start suggest price. We don't have enough amount of people suggesting these days.

        Looks good it can definitely go for more (had a couple sales at 4 Ref) but i wouldn't call it an easy sell, I wonder if Valve plan to re-release crates containing primary stock weapons again they have already done the S. Grenade and S. Revolver, hopefully the S.Shotgun doesn't get the same treatment or there will be no good crates to unbox.

          Wouldn't say that if shotgun (there's always the dead ringer and strange parts) was re-released there won't be any good crates too unbox. Reserve shooter had a huge bump and most of the stock as I said are rising steadily ,maybe after a few months the strange stocks will be at least a key by then ,but how should I know :P I never unboxed more than 5 crates yet xD

          I sold mine for a key without even listing anywhere. :P

            Lucky you :P