Price Suggestion
~3.83 ref
Unique Eliminator's Safeguard
346 votes up
38 votes down
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Solds: (1.33ref) (2ref) (2ref) (2.33ref) (3ref - (3ref - (3ref) (3ref) (additional sales through BP classifieds

2 * 3ref

1 * 4ref


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    Looks good

    on another note this is the ****tiest hat update ever. Scotch bonnet for heavy, Connisuer's cap for medic, nothing's original.

      do you even workshop bro?

        no i don't. How does that prevent me from noticing hats that are practically identical, just a class change?

          if you complain make us a new original hat. the chef hat for medic is kinda cool

            lol yes, cause people aren't allowed to criticize something if they feel like it, they must go out and make their own.

      I sold it for this and made me some nice metal. I think this price is very fair for a okay looking hat. Its a good price and most sites go for 4 ref which is too much in my opinion. Thanks for leaving this!