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~260 keys
Unusual Company Man Scorching Flames
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33 votes down
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Needs A Bump for this 6 month old price

I just bought my company man for a Cloud 9 Brotherhood (21.4) + sweets

1 of 3 on outpost:

Notable Offers: (Rejected Ones)

-- Dead Presidents Killer Exclusive (22.2)

-- Burning Armored Authority + 7 pure

-- Terror Watt Robo Modest + Aces High Robo Modest

-- Sulphorous Robo-Modest

-- Miami Gibus + Purple Fetti Metal Drill (26.65)

-- Power Surge Crones

-- Cloud 9 Bonk Boy (19)

Other ones on outpost have been up for 2 days or less

    15.9 is too high for a low-end price. I was offered a C9 Brown Bomber (priced at 15, I believe) on my Beams Modest a few days ago. After I turned the offerer down, he apparently went on to trade it for a Scorching CM (which happens to be either the original of the one you have, or the dupe. Either way.) is a link to his trade history.

    This means your low-end can't be right - it's either 15 or 14.1, depending on whether it was offered on the CM or whether the CM was offered on it. Those rejected offers aren't doing you any favors either. I've been offered (and turned down) similar but better offers (I was offered a sulphurous non-robo modest, and in separate offers a 1 of 1 Darkblaze robo-modest and a 1 of 2 Hellfire robo-modest, both with sweeteners). In fact, this could imply that people see the CM as having less value than a beams modest, priced at 14.

    count overpay and take outdated summer effects into consideration :)


      I found something interesting

      buyer's bp before


      - c9 boa's price is outdated, better update (someone's doing btw)

      - where does the low end of 19 come from?

      - why does your suggestion have range? your using only one sale, right?

      - could you not use clean ones' sales instead of duped ones like yours?

      in case you insist yours is clean...,2136000717

      two people have the same hat for some reason :O


      i don't understand why anyone would dislike this comment <3

      elaborate? sorry, what im trying to say is too clear to elaborate.

      here's something to read

        I'm confused about what you are trying to say in the first part. Could you please elaborate?

          Thank you for those wonderful trades where I could find more proof for my value on :D

          Well heres some more stuff for you:



          -DBD Company man + a bud = 19.75

          -Terror-watt Viewfinder

          And For This one: (Duped)

          -Also offered a dead president killer exclusive ~ 22.2

          -and a power surge crones: - 35 bud B/O, previous offers of 25 pure, Phosphorous Veil + Aces Brown Bomber ~ 30 according to him

          This Trade: Also Duped

          - Sold for Dzots 4 unusuals + a bud + sweets which at the time: seemed to be those which adds up to around ~19-20 buds depending on how sweets

          - was also offered this: a bunch of S.F. and salvaged stuff and 21 keys which totals out to be about 21 in mixed

          - Spellbound drill (multiple offers of 11 on trade) + smoking TC (4.5) + poisoned shadows western (2?) + 40 keys ~ 19.5 possibly

          According to your "little website" --Sales of duped hats can be used as adjuncts or as proof to raise the value on an unusual--

          All of those I listed above were dupes of my current one, most had offers of well over 19 buds making your argument invalid

            first link

            dbd companm man outdated

            tw vf unpriced

            second link

            so, you say "any interest in dead pres ke / surge crones / timewarp gibus" is actually a 1:1 offer???

            third link

            sold for *gifted* samurai (outdated), vivid guad(outdated), mem leak veil (unpriced) and moon dapper(outdated) + 1buds + sweets

            this and offers so far makes me think the low end of the current range seems too low

            but you need *valid* proof to justify your high end

            still downvote ;)

          C9 brotherhood is 18.5 after overpay

          DP KE is too old to use

          Burning AA is too old to use

          Miami Gibus is too old to use

          C9 bonk boy is too old to use

          Most of the other offers include unpriced hats.

          Just not enough here. You'll need to update the prices on some of these before updating the price on the CM