Price Suggestion
~16.5 keys
Strange Frying Pan
1334 votes up
337 votes down
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S. Frying Pan

Requested by Erik from:

Seling @ below 11 Keys: - 10 Keys - 4 hours ago - 10 Keys - 2 days ago - 10.3 Keys - 8 hours ago - 10.4 Keys - 1 day ago - 10.4 Keys - 1 week ago - 10.4 Keys - 12 hours ago - 10.6 Keys - 2 days ago

Selling @ 11 Keys: - 4 Days ago - 16 hours ago - 4 Days ago - 1 day ago - 1 day ago

Guess, the hype is gone, but will soon get back, because the Killstreaks are striking for the Pan! 10 Keys wasn't included because the two links aren't really well bumped. Conservative drop instead.


    I guess a range representing the market is better than a nice one.


      Well here we go with the pan going up and down again xD

      Nevertheless upvote!

        Bacon grease is more then the strange frying pan ?????

          Bacon Grease is a lot more rarer than a Strange Frying Pan. That's why.

            But don't you use Grease on Frying Pan

        Bacon grease going up, strange pans going down. I don't get it

        Upvote tho, nice proof

          Bacon Grease is going down. I'm just waiting somebody to post it on the Forums...

            Oh right, I was checking on and it raised like 4 days ago. I already think it's overpriced

            Provide proof, and I'll agree with you.

            The majority of links below 11 are sold and at least one of your 11s. Seems like the current price is just fine

              11 Keys is included in the range. Some of the 10.4 Keys are still up.

                only 1 now that I look again.... they are disappearing. I didn't vote yet but i really doubt this will get passed

                  Additional Proof is added.

              Within the same week I sold for 11 keys(3) and so far sold 1 for 10.4


                  Starting to look more promising although the second 10 key link is actually asking for 11

                    They've all sold except for one and that's because the guy is offline.

                    Alright, you guys win. Can't find anymore @ 11 Keys below on Outpost.