Price Suggestion
Strange Knife
Submitted by ketchup
~9.11 ref
Strange Knife
547 votes up
140 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by A Distinctive Lack of Vincent.

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    Sold for at least 3.66 ref:

    Treating the S. Sniper as 5 ref.

    And another one for 4.66 in items:


      Why are stock stranges getting more expensive? But other than that, Upvote, proof looks good.

        strange flamethrower has been rather stable?

          it's slowly making it's way up

        sold mine very fast for 2.33 extra proof


          I had a Strange Knife and I sold it for 3.44 in time period of 10 minutes. It's easily to sell it for currently price and a lot of people want to get this item despite the bigger price, so I will give voteup for this suggestion.

            I agree with this. Lots of people (including me) want a strange knife. I would pay 3 ref for one so I think this price point is acceptable. Upvote

            I sold mine for 3 refined, 1 week ago - and 2 weeks ago -