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Strange Original
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~16.33 keys
Strange Original
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S. Original

Resquested by Erik from:

Sales @ 5 Keys: - Sold without a bump - 5.5 keys - Sold without a bump - Parts - Sold without a bump - Sold within 3 hours - Sold without a bump - 5.5 keys - Sold without a bump

Sales @ 6 Keys: - Parts - 7 Keys - Parts - Sold 3 (2 have parts & Higher)

Therefore, 5 Keys is definitely a Quicksell. 6 Keys should be suitable now.


If you check closely, then the link nr 2 4 of 6 key sale, then you can find out that he closed the trade without selling it.,2329488287 <-- he still got it,2341926514 <-- so does he.,2341822810 <-- aaaaaand him too

So there isn't really enough 6 key trades that actually happened. Only them with parts and one selling more.

    Bought mine for 6 keys tonight from Outpost; seemed to be the only one for sale that was clean.