Price Suggestion
~52 keys
Collector's Buffalo Steak Sandvich
240 votes up
42 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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my first suggestion so please give feedback, it will help a lot :)

honestly my favorite heavy item but yet its gotta go down :'(

also please tell me if this is a good range

solds (that i can find): - sold for 8 keys - sold for 7 keys - sold to me for 6 keys - sold for 7 keys - steak samich + 4 keys for a n&b fuka (medium range is 12.16 keys for the hat, so sold for 8.16 keys in unusuals) - listings on classifieds range from 6.5 - 9 keys, all unsolds

unsolds at 8: (no offers and is a quicksale? (8 keys no offers in 15 hours for a low end price) (highest offer is 6 keys and hes willing to trade it if over 7) (changed from 7 keys in the past couple of hours) (11 hours at low end price with no offers)

unsolds at 9: (cheapest on the market? welp thats not entirely true but still) (no offers after 1 day) (unpriced offers are all this guy has been getting)

unsolds at 10: (yah... been up for 3 weeks)

buyers: - buying at 5 - just taking offers but wont buy at 8 keys - buying at 6 keys, also has 2 offers at 7 keys

anyway that is it

feedback is appreciated

thanks :)

    I'd say not bad for a first suggestion.

    wheres 6.5 coming from?

      it is comming from the the sales at 6, the classified lsiting at 6.5, and the buyers at 6 (me who has gotten 2)

        any willing sellers other than 1 guy at exactly 6.5? classifieds shouldn't be the majority of the proof for a lowend.

          well other than that i just have the solds that were to me, and the other guy who sold it to me, thx for ur comment on the range though

      Why unsolds at 10keys ?..

        just thought it would be appropriate to list all of them, considering its been up so long and the fact it has not gotten any offers at the current range of 8-9

          welp if i wanted it to be more itd be price manipulation, i personally own one because i like it ad its my favorite heavy item... it needs a drop even if i do own one... and never the less it doesn't matter if i own one :/

          Collector's should be dropping, because they are incredibly cheap to make considering what they're worth.

            I'm feeling like this should be accepted...