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Balaclavas Are Forever
Submitted by DS3
~48.06 ref
Unique Balaclavas Are Forever Balaclavas Are Forever
192 votes up
82 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by A Distinctive Lack of Vincent.

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    showing trades which are already in the range will not help, need to prove that 0.9 is impossible.

    Any buyer threads?

      People is still quickbuying because of the sale.

      You need to disprove .9 keys first.

        Without showing either unsuccessful buyers at 0.9 keys or clear demonstrations of 0.9 keys being a quicksell, the removal of the low end cannot be proven. 1 key is already in range and demonstrated sales of 1 key could just as well belong to current price as well as suggested price.

        Closing for insufficient evidence