Price Suggestion
Strange Flare Gun
Submitted by Cryomancer7
~21.61 ref
Strange Flare Gun
85 votes up
38 votes down
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Hi all! Well, 8 months old price, my last suggestion for this item was 9 months ago, and this suggestion was requested for Cleverpun:

So, please, don't downvote automatically lel.

Unsolds At 1 Key 3 Days 1 Day prices. 2 Weeks, just 1 offer of item overpay, and he was desesperate for buy one, in other trades he did the same offers. 1 Key, 1 Week unsold, 1 repeated offer. 1 Day, bought to this guy (My personal friend): Who was selling for 1 Key, sure he sold it for less than that, I'll ask him for screenshots. 6 Days old. Mr. Bucket! Oh come on! Rejected a 6.33 offer? Accept it please lel. 1 Week old. 1 Week old. 1 Day old. 6 Days old. 1 Day old. 2 Days old (Lol, third comment is one of my others friends). 2 Weeks old. 6 Days old. 1 Day old. 1 Month old! 2 Weeks old. 4 Days old. 3 Weeks old.

Sellers/Bought At 0.9 Keys Seems to have bought for 6.33 (Steam API down, I can't see the backpack) Already sold. Cleverpun! (Thanks for extra-proof)

Solds At 1 Key Sold, in... less than 4 days. Is a mass buyer ---> with very succes for 6.33. (0.9 Keys) Woifi! Sold in less than 1 Week.

Difficult for sell at 1 Key, and easy to get it for 0.9 Keys. I don't like the range 0.9 - 1 Keys, but is more accurate than 6 - 7 Refs.

As always, sorry for the bad english, extra-proof is always appreciate, counter-proof is welcome. Comments like "Bad proof, downvote!" aren't useful. If you downvote, explain why. If you upvote, comment that!. this is your one and only link for 6 ref. And it's unbumped and sold.

    Your first 6.33 link is a buyer. I would like to see a seller. And your other buyer is a quickbuyer as he resells for a key: therefore counterprooving yourself.

    There should be far more links with 14 pages in Outpost to constitute a drop, downvote.

      0.9 Keys are more than just 6 Refs, this is 6.33 for be more accurate.

      And I check 8 pages of those 14. There are so many killstreaks and flare guns with stranges parts... My internet and Steam API don't helps really. I'll try to find more, but wont be auto-bumped trades...

      "Woah, database issues! We're working on getting it back online, but here are your search results without attribute filters applied." (...) Outpost works really slow now, this will take a time.

      decently old proof, but it sold in ~4 hours:

      also, woifi and baloo can disprove this suggestion with their own trades alone has been up for like 3 hours, selling for 0.98 keys havent been bumped in 5 days havent been bumped in 2 days selling for 0.95 keys

      so with so many pages on op, it cant be dropped in price with 6 links that barely even show proof worth being called proof