Price Suggestion
~1.83 ref
Unique Galvanized Gibus
1066 votes up
702 votes down
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2 sales at 1.44 out of the few proper trades on outpost


This part is NOT proof, it just helps evaluating the suggestion

these are all trades currently on outpost, excluding the one listed above selling at 1.33 (for 21 hours) sold months ago same gibus as the trade above taking offers for 7 months, was removed from the trade (presume it did not sell recently) a collection taking offers for 4 months + level 100 used as a placeholder he is buying priple hats buying quicksell unusuals with it. painted gold all painted painted TS painted orange taking offers for a month now. selling for 2 ref, sold to cleverpun for ??? relist of the trade above selling at 1.33, willing buyer selling at 1.66, got offered 1.33 Sold for less than 1.44: (Sold again, not in bp)

    But the proof don't helps. Maybe with real sales at 1.44... Neutral for now.

      i know it didnt sell for 1.44 and i can't track what it did sell for, thats why i said sold for ???, i als did link cleverpun selling as the first 2

      also first trade has actually 2 willing buyers in the last 2 days

        Yeah, you conviced me, upvote!

        P.S. Third trade has a recently offer of a F. Flare Gun + 0.33.

          i saw that offer, but f. flare is 1 ref which would be 1.33, partly in items, so i didn´t think it would be worth noting.

        Luchoxful bought a sharp dresser from me and I counted the gibus as a craft hat. Definitely did not pay two ref for it :P

          Nice! So, detective time: Off.

          Raising Gibus prices? God Bless

            You know i actually want to wear gibus now ,but i deleted it like a dumb.


            I agree with this


                Seems pretty good, upvote.