Price Suggestion
~12.5 keys
Strange Festive Sniper Rifle
154 votes up
41 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by -».•´Puddilicious`•.«-.

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    How is the s.f flare and bud 25 keys?

      Sorry, My bad. I suck at math.

        The comment above this already covered this.

          If it matters, I asked first.

        I think the strange festive flare would be .15 buds or 3 keys. so 22.5 key-ish offer

          Sorry, My bad. I suck at math.

            No problem u and me both -_- though I can't say whether I am for 25 keys as the high end. It does seem most of these have parts/killstreaked etc and can defiantly go for more than it is listed now.

            EDIT: Only clean one I could find that isn't already listed or outdated is: wants 24 keys

              It's super young, therefore, I wouldn't judge from that trade.

                Agreed, though is something to watch. See if it goes fast or takes a bit. May go faster though now that there is a link to it. Regardless gl with the suggestion

        Selling my with Domination and nice history for 25 -

        Got a few interested already, but not 25 pure yet.