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Collector's Diamondback
Submitted by Python
~13.5 keys
Collector's Diamondback
276 votes up
13 votes down
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As requested by Crimson: -

Original values of unusuals/items used and overpay applied when necessary. Buds and keys what they were time of sale

Proof #1

Sold for Planets Spartan (~0.9)

Total: ~0.9 buds

Proof #2

Sold for Bliz. Sensei (~1.5) + 2 keys

Total: ~1.6 buds

Proof #3

BOUGHT for Nuts Cannonball (~1.3)

Total: ~1.3 buds

Proof #4

Sold for a Stormy Nano (~0.9)

Total: ~0.9 buds

Currently on Outpost: 8

1 x 15 keys

1 x 17 keys

2 x 19 keys/1 bud


Ugh another one of these, "most sales are above what anyone wants" and iunnow what to do ;~; I guess the low-end will be 15 key because his trade has been up for about a month and the high-end will be 0.9 buds (17 keys) because they've been sold for that, and even more, but people are asking for a bud on outpost. Really not sure what I'm doing here, but whatever. Any Extra Proof/****er-Proof/Opinions/Tips/Help is all welcome. Thanks for reading. Feedback is always appreciated.

    I've sold one for 1.1 buds, but I think that the prices have decreased since then. Upvote.

      You're in Proof #4, or did you sell a different one for 1.1 buds pure?

        Sorry for the super late response, but I sold it for a 1.1-1.2 bud unusual, which I sold to someone else for 1 bud.

        Edit: It was an After Eight painted Stormy Storm Nanobalaclava

    Given the b/o's on the market at 14-17, this is probably close and those sales at >1 are probably not happening any more