Price Suggestion
Strange Axtinguisher
Submitted by ketchup
~6.17 ref
Strange Axtinguisher
297 votes up
88 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by [GIRL] Mr. Bucket.

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S. Axtinguisher

As Requested from Offline:

Sales @ 3.33 or above: - 4 ref - 4 ref - Check History - 3.33 - 3.66 - 3.66 - 3.33

Outpost has flooded with Australium Axtinguishers and Strange Parts Sellers, therefore, it's hard to find proof.


    i persoanlly sold many at 3.66 ref and was going soo easy here is one i had more than 1

    2nd comment said added for axe and is kinda hard to find the trade histories

      Here's the pic for my sale 4 ref (the first link) since the outpost history hasn't changed yet. You can see his offer of 4 ref in the comments however.

      Some buyers: v. modest, 5 ref Brawling buccaneer, 4 ref 1 key for sight for sore eyes + s. axtinguisher 3.33 3.33 3.33 3.33 3.44

      Just shows that 3.33 may be considered a quicksell if there's so many people willing to buy for market price. Upvoted. willing buyer @ 4.66 seller 3.66 (even has part on it) added this guy and he said he sold out and fast willing buyers at 4ref

      Proof supports this range, upvote!

        Whenever I get hold of these they sell super quick at 3.66

          Oh god, get a Killstreak for it will be difficult

          Meh, decently proof, but really good extra-proof from the users. That does me upvote!