Price Suggestion
~40 keys
Strange Kritzkrieg
330 votes up
130 votes down
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I'm stoked on the demand for this weapon.

After all it is the most expensive Strange (excluding Festives/Aus)

Many were worried for its downfall with the new festives so they temporarily decreased in price in fear of the Kritzkrieg being re-released. Now that that's over and done with, the Kritzkrieg won't stop rising like theres no tommorow.

Unfortunately there are not many on Outpost, majority of them will only sell in sets or for real life money (approx. $80)

Also, many have been equipped with Killstreak Items.

34-36 Keys= Just forget about it

Keys- 7 Ref

Buds- 20 Keys

When this item was risen to 36 Keys, 3 Kritzkriegs were listed on backpack tf for 36 keys, they sold in minutes. Unfortunately couldn't find the links, Il post them here if I can find them.

Now for some actual proof.

Sales: - has many adds for 40 keys - sold for 2 buds - has offers, 40 keys, 2 buds + 3 keys - 40 keys offer - Sold for 36 Keys - Offer of 40 Keys and another one of 2 Buds - sold for 36 keys - 2 Buds + Keys - Selling for 45 keys.

Buyers: (Ridiculous amount of buyers)

(Me) - Buying for 40 Keys- 1 Bookmark - 2 Buds if you add keys - paying 40 keys - paying 2 buds - paying 39 keys - paying 35 keys - 35 keys - 32 keys

In conclusion,

we have many buyers buying for higher then the suggested value, very small amount on the market. This item has a very high demand with people paying very high amounts for said item.

This will rise.

    Not bad proof from a person who is suggesting for the first time. You read the rules and how to make a good suggestion as well as did the research.

    What makes me question though, why the rise on Strange Kritz suddenly? o.o


    Pulling the gear up

      I think a lot of people are relieved a new salvaged has not been released yet and there was not a strange festive for it.


        Second Suggestion actually.

        Ive had a good look on these. Basically it dodged the bullet in becoming a Festive.

        I'm not sure exactly why it has such a high demand but it may have something to do with the festive but I'm not sure.

          i really doubted it becoming a festive, but valve has done double scout melee/primaries

            Who knows what happening for this year's Festives

          experienced traders wanting to mvm more could be it, with the new shield and the kritz being the best medi gun for mvm. or the no salvages yet, or strange festive kritz.

          I'd actually suggest a range of 38-40 keys as buds are 19 keys not 20. But either way, this needs a raise and you have my upvote.

            He wouldn't have any proof for low end if he suggested 38 - 40

              Buds are 19. 2 buds = 38. Memed.

            its quite difficult AND expensive if u wanna buy a s. Kritzkrieg. Heres more proof.

            I payed in Unusuals, so i overpayed ;)


            Bubbling Bonk - ~21 keys

            Stormy Capo - ~18 keys

            Clean TC - 1 key


              thats 38.5 keys overpay

              not baddd

                Impressive, I have trying to buy one for 40 Keys and by all means it's a big challenge, no one will add me and I can't find anyone selling one.

                  Lol cant believe its gone up so much i bought mine a week ago for 30 keys

              Ladies and Gentlemen, to finish this off


              I just bought one for 40 Keys. GG

                I just sold mine for 45 Keys, there were 2 guys who where interested in it for 45 keys. So there are many ppl willing to pay that much. Proof

                  Thanks mate, well done btw

                  Am I upvoting just because I own one? No. I'm upvoting because when I went to find one, even when they were 29-30 keys, there were sellers in this suggested price range. Apparently the demand is high and the price is low.

                    Not sure if this helps but I've been trying to buy this for 45 keys for 2 days and have only gotten C/O'd. I ended up buying a pro Killstreak strange kritz for 4 buds and it was the best immediate deal I could find on S. Kritz. You can check my trade history for proof.

                    This guy has a 50 key offer, sounds like he is getting more.


                    Sorry I couldn't get the link to work.

                      never mind, it works =P.