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~21 keys
Unusual Demoman's Fro Vivid Plasma
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51 votes down
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[Proof below]

5 months old price

Overpay applied

-sold for 2.1 buds

-sold for GE beanie + 0.2 in sweets (~2.2)

-sold for stormy regg + 1.2 mixed (~2.8)

    I didn't see the proof for 2.1 buds in the first link. Maybe I'm missing something, but I just see hidden offers.

    I don't see an accepted purchase in the second link, either. Do you have proof of the beanie transaction?

    Regarding the third, items get valued at 90% of their accepted value. The Stormy Reg's range is 1.5-1.7. Even if you used the middle of 1.6, that would still put its value in currency as 1.45, offering a final value of (1.45+1.2=2.5-2.7).

    In short, I don't think the price jump is justified. It's only 2 keys, but it's not supported by proof.

      He usually does this. The trades actually happened, which he himself probably checked by their BP histories and other trades, just that he doesn't show them.

      He should though.

        I can't find any history on the first link to prove a 2.1 purchase. Maybe the OP saw something different. The other comments still stand. I don't see where he applied overpay at all. I am a little grouchy about butmun's suggestions right now because, like you said, all of his suggestions seem to lack any chain of proof.

          If you go to his bp history at the time of the sale you'll find that he received the amount of buds that he wanted

          i usually give the general info of the hat like recent sales/higher offers/lower b/o's typing paragraphs is not necessary and these comments are also not necessary due to the lack of counter-proof from the critic.