Price Suggestion
~22 keys
Unusual Whoopee Cap Vivid Plasma
239 votes up
69 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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[Proof below]

6 months old price

Overpay applied

-b/o 2.5

-added nnb rack + bills for bubbling KE (~2.7)

-sold for blizz juju + 12 keys (~2.8)

-buds were 16

-sold for DP mirror + 0.5 (~3)

    1) Buyout =/= proof

    2) Where did you see the purchase?

    3) Buds jumped to 20 keys three days later. Are you sure when this transaction happened? Also... It was originally blizzard juju + 10 keys, with an offer of 2 keys for a quicker transaction. The seller didn't even click the "accepted" button, respond, or anything. How do you know that was the accepted transaction?

    4) How do you know?

        i have answered that 1000 times before

        Hat history + bp history can confirm a sale

      Repwhoring at its max.