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~30 keys
Unusual Vintage Merryweather Vivid Plasma
137 votes up
11 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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[Proof below]

6 months old price

Overpay applied

-added 0.2 for GE shako (~2.8)

-sold for cloud 9 lnspecteur + 0.1 in sweets (~2.9)


headcase + vivid copper's hard top (~3)

Burning handle + sweets (~3)

    The GE Shako's price is 10 months old (and that link explains nothing, there are no comments).

    All that you can tell is that the deal included the Inspecteur and the Merryweather, there's no comment or anything that confirms the trade.

    Offers cant be used to lower prices (Copper's Price is old as well).

      hat history and backpack history can confirm a sale

      + i'm actually rising it,,, suggested price for this was 2.2-3

        But you didn't post any of that stuff. Thats the same as saying you sold a hat for 4 buds and claiming that your inventory history supports your claim, but not providing screenshots.

        Checking myself, both the Inscpeteur and Shako trades seem to have happened, but where did you get the sweets values for them?

 + bp history as i stated

            You probably should've linked to that in the post with all the proof, considering the trade you posted didnt prove anything and this one did. This suggestion (and the Whoopee Cap one) is really hard to follow, a lot of your links dont actually show what the hat was traded for and rely on your word that the bp histories and other trades show it.