Price Suggestion
The Pomson 6000
Submitted by oneniner
~0.05 ref
Unique Pomson 6000
14 votes up
93 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by the submitter.

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Do it just for a laugh. Come on! lets see if we can do it!

BTW this is a joke, dont go mad! and lets see if we can make it accepted!

    Best joke ever!!! Lmao

      dude...they don't have to even look inside the suggestion to see that you are full of shit. Ofc it won't be accepted!

        why so many people taking this as a neg. just try!

      What is with the proofless suggestions in the last hour????

        cum on guise, letz du it :DDDDDDDDDD

          I thought the point of a joke was for it to be funny.. this isnt...

            People seem to be abusing the Suggestion System at the moment

              Do it just for a laugh. Come on! lets see if we can do it!

              On 100% no

                how is uncraftable so much then?

                  Haha, lets stock up on pomsons XD

                      I hope you arent taking TF2 too far...

                      its not real life you know...

                      oh and its just a GAME.

                      calm down.

                      Where are you from? 9gag? /b/?

                      Anyway, mods can close a suggestion even if it has 100 positive votes.