Price Suggestion
~1 key
Unique Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
248 votes up
33 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by neverclever.

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These have expired, or am I missing something? If proof is needed then I will get it, because I doubt it.

Some at 1 key: 1 key 1 key 6 ref

7 key for a bill's hat o.O

    Of course you don't need proof. :P

      All suggestions require proof. Yes, even the "obvious" ones. Given the obtuse collector market, it is better to show something is no longer collectable just in case (like other expired keys)

        Of course I know it. :D

      I'd expect better from you, Hugh

    well, i mean theres proof and not much of an arguement..... upvoted. i'm just scared because most suggestions without much proof don't get accepted but i guess what do you expect from an item that doesn't exist XD.

        Wait uncraftable keys are worth 1.1 keys?! Man I Sold all mine for the clean key price(When I had dirty keys anyway)....

          Uncraftable normal Key. GG, VALVe.

            So weird to see regular key which is uncraftable.


              think about it this way. keys are falling!

                I like it!


                  Wait a minute... Isn't this supposed to be a spooky key?

                  2:2 keys:

                    For a moment, I thought keys were being lowered. xD

                      Guys this is not the normal key. This was the spooky key ..


                      .. And since Halloween is over they are now normal .. Check out previous suggestions and stuff .. They don't open spooky crates anymore, so they should worth like the other key. Upvote.