Price Suggestion
~73.5 keys
Unusual Hottie's Hoodie Sunbeams
65 votes up
1 vote down

This suggestion was accepted 4 years ago by polar but another suggestion has been accepted since.

The price listed on this suggestion is no longer valid. Check out the newer accepted suggestion for this item.

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10 month old price. - Sold for Nuts Brainiac + Nuts Hotrod (6.2 buds) - Sold for Planets TC + 6 keys (6 buds) - 'Quickselling' for 6 buds, unsold 1 month - Sold for 5.5, according to polar bear - Sold + sweets worth 0.3 buds for Beams Noir + GE Hoodie (7 buds)

    Yeah, thanks for making this suggestion. I guess the previous suggester never resuggested.