Price Suggestion
~16 keys
Unusual Firewall Helmet Orbiting Fire
144 votes up
20 votes down

This suggestion was accepted 4 years ago by polar but another suggestion has been accepted since.

The price listed on this suggestion is no longer valid. Check out the newer accepted suggestion for this item.

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Using the original suggested values with overpay applied. -->

Sold for a Vivid Capotain (~1.5) + Stormy Storm Gym Rat (~0.7) = ~2.2 -->

Bought for an Dead Presidents Guard (~1.4) + Smoking Scotch (~0.6) = ~2 - buyout of 2.6 buds

    What makes you say the Dead pres. Guad is worth 1.4 buds after Over-pay?

    Edit: Oh. Guardian. Okay

      Steals my suggestion and doesn't even credit me. Sounds legit.