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~30 keys
time warp
Unusual Dread Knot Time Warp
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102 votes down
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I know I have this hat and you may think im trying to bump up the price, but its a great affect. I have gone out and talked to EVERY single owner of this hat and screenshotted it and found out its sold for 5 buds at one point.

Beautiful hat - pootisspencer

Hat selling history Proof of sales -4 BUDS!!!!! - 27 keys!! 1.9-2.6 Buds -40 keys - 5 BUDS!!

People have been asking proof of actual trade and this is what I have got so far from the past owners. (Trade History) - 27 keys!! + (short circut cross over proof)

Not trying to bump it up a ton, but just alittle bit. Believe its undervalued.

Also since this hat/effect was first unboxed which was 6 months ago there have only been 2 more unboxed since then. Equaling 3 total in the game. Assume 3,000 keys are used per day. That is a 0.0000055567% Chance of uncrating this hat with this effect making it EXTREMLY rare!

What i bought it people are upset its blanked out

1.7 "Blizzardy Western Wear" + sweets

    Didn't really see a sell... However, that math killed my brain at the end.

    If they can screenshot their inventory history of them selling it for that price than there the proof, ask them :P

      Already got one, getting more look above for proof


      Because cutting out random lines of the conversation totally doesn't seem like a shameless manipulation at all.

      Also, the last paragraph implies that any new unusual should automatically be worth than they already are because of rarity.

        Its been around for 6 months, normally there would be tons of them

          it hard to unbox a unsual, su they shud b wei mor then only 2 budz

            Pyroman, mind making this worth less?

            I'm certain you can find some actual proof and make this thing worth less than the current price to show this guy what happens when you make crappy suggestions

          You've tried this for the what, 7th time now?

            That's cool, censoring the screenshots.

              Uncencored ~fixedlook at the bottom ie "What i bought it people are upset its blanked out"

              It's an Effect not an Affect.

                >assume 3000 keys are used per day

                This is only from robo crates, so it's even rarer, even though I highly doubt 3000 keys are used each day. Some serious flawed logic right there.

                You may not know this, but rarity really only matters when the hat looks good. Since the robotic boogaloo update, valve's been ****ting out hats so fast that there are hundreds of "rare" 1/1s.

                Look, let me tell you something. Your hat is hard to sell. Giving it a higher price on won't help because people will look at these suggestions, laugh, and see the actual suggestions with real proof. Just tell us what you sold it for, a proper suggestion will be made if necessary. Dump your hat on a quickbuyer, as the price has already been inflated more than it needs to be, and buy a more stable hat.

                Stop trying to manipulate - it obviously isn't working, and the chat screenshots are ****ing hilariously bad to be honest. Close this, leave the site for a bit, and it it actually needs a bump, get real proof.

                  bliz storm western wear is worth 1.1 buds or less buds, not 1.7. Da faq is wrong with you?

                  Not a single actual proof link shown. Just a bunch of people saying potentialy fake bought prices

                    how can i receive proof then?

                      Proof added!~


                      what did you buy it for. dont tamper your screenshots

                        Got any proof of solds ofher than highly suspicious chats?

                          I love you how ****tily blanked out that you told him what you sold it for. Just tell us.

                            1.7 "Blizzardy Western Wear" + sweets



                              I can see "bought it for" followed by 2-3 characters. Pretty sure you don't have a magical text condenser. Censoring things just kinda proves that you're hiding something.

                              Probably also a good idea to prove that the Western Wear was Blizzard. I did the history checking and I know it was, but others won't be so diligent.

                              It's also 1.1 with overpay so you kinda ****ed yourself there.

                          4 buds? 5 buds? Bro, calm your tits and come back when you have proof of actual sales/offers. The effect is not even one of the best and the hat is probably the most cancerous hat of all the game.

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