Price Suggestion
~0.17 ref
Unique Vita-Saw
157 votes up
60 votes down
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Price is outdated as f*ck. Lets update it. ^-^ Proof below. - 4 ref sold pretty fast (Considering It didn't had much views - when I saw the trade today it has around 30 views in 4 days! That means it was probably bumped just a couple of times and got added) - Didn't took a 4 ref offer

Then Wesley bought it for 5 ref from here -> (check history)

Also have a pic of the trade provided by Wesley: - Soas is 4 ref, Vita is 5 ref

n00bspwn is out of stock at 5 ref. Dunno if he sold just one or more. - Rejected 4 ref Offer, Has 5,33 Offer (I know the trade is old like ****, but so is the current price D:) - Sold mine for a key (5,88-6 ref back then) pretty easy (~2 days on Classfields)

Conclusion: 4 ref is kinda quicksell. Offers and sells from 5 to 6 ref. Think that's the right range atm.


Listened to this: <3

... while doing the suggestion. ;d

    like i care what you were listening while doing this

    i mean ..looks good , upvote!

      The medic will be proud of you !

      + upvote

        Good proof, upvote. this is probably one of the most expensive dirty weps I have ever seen. why is it so much?

          Actually the Volcano Fragment is 1 key flat. I think the price is that high because you can't get this anymore (only by trading). And a collector is willing to pay that price. Because of the low supply and the bigger demand, price is rising. That's my opinion.

            ok you could only get them from the store right?

              These were never sold in the store. They came from random drop each time you spent $20 in the store. You can no longer gain them that way. Mann Co. Store Package has replaced the random drop and do not give dirty weapons.

              In short, the ones out there will be the only ones there will ever be unless Valve makes dirty Vita-Saws available again some day.

          I was gonna do this but you beat me to it. :P And ive sold 2 at 5 ref each. Upvote