Price Suggestion
~1.2 keys
Strange Blood Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.I
98 votes up
77 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by SirJjjon (Accnt not for sale).

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Lol, did it in ref before :P

Ok, I'm prepared to get flamed on this one.

I've having a second attempt to raise the price. I will re-post my old evidence and add a bit of new stuff.

Also I have since sold my own sticky for 4 keys, this will be in proof.




Quickbuyers at 2.7 keys:

Sold at 4.5 keys: (this was in items, so considering overpay it was about 4 keys.)

Market stuff again

On the community market the cheapest a Blood Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher is listed at 8.57 AUD. Considering that keys on the market are 2.10 AUD, we see that the Botkiller is actually selling at 4.08 keys. ( )

Given that there are still some sellers at 3 keys (which is rather quick to sell) I believe that 3 keys should still be in the range, however, with the sticky selling on the market for 4 keys, It is clear that this should also be included in the range. Even when considering the markets tax of 15% (approx), this still works out at about 3.5 keys for the seller and the buyer is still payer about 4 keys.

Also I don't own one of these, im not trying to raise my backpack. I just know the price is wrong and would like to fix it and help out the community.

Give feedback if you want to. Or even better, give some counter-proof :)

    Might need more proof.

      I would try to get more, but you have to consider that these things are rarely sold, There might only be 1 or 2 sold each week. So proof is very, very limited.

    Alright, in trying to help the new guy with this suggestion, I discovered something.

    -None in classifieds.

    -None on Outpost are good trades. They're all "LEVEL 19 IS RARE SO 9 KEYS" or parts, or sets, or whatever.

    -One on Bazaar, and it says "Backpack price."

    So I am totally unsure how to vote on this one.

      I am still unsure, there are 0 for sale. Atm the only way to get one is the market, which is silly and the one I had sold in 1 day for 4.5 keys in items...

        Well last time this was up it got closed due to no sales proof, as market is not a viable way of pricing.

          yes, this time I have supplied my own sale as proof in addition to the market proof.

            not sure if 1 sale is enough as there is one unsold at 3 keys on

        i don't see any buyers for 2.7 keys.

            1: Idk what quickbuyers you are talking about

            2: Steam market is a poor way to price an item due to the 15% market fees.

            Cheapest launcher is ~8.60, cheapest key is ~2.40

            The buyer would be paying 4.21 keys\

            But the seller would only get 3 keys out of it if he bought keys back

            Need more proof