Price Suggestion
~167 keys
Unusual Magnificent Mongolian Knifestorm
87 votes up
36 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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Counter- suggestion.

Usually I don't do this kind of thing.

SOLD: TF Logo Tyrolean (1.8 buds)

SOLD: Orbit Fire Swagman + 1 bud (2.1 buds)

BOUGHT: value of 1.9 buds (actual pure price, might need an update)

quick update on swagman (5 months old price)

-21 keys

-13 keys, Black Bills (21 keys)

-Smoking Dragonborn (1.3 buds)

-1 bud

-Smoking Dragonborn (1.3 buds)

Since Banana King doesn't want to change his/her own range, might as well correct him/her.


    I would have upvoted but you probably forgot to count unusual overpay which was done at alll the trades you have posted here. 1.9*0.9=1.7 (lowest price) and 2.1*0.9=1.89 (highest price). After counting that, the price suggested would be around 1.7-1.9 which is about 4 keys from your suggestion

      I did use overpay.

      The Electro Coupe suggestion was a sale for 44 keys (1.9 buds) The price may have changed from the time, but it is still somewhat accurate.

      The 2.1 doesn't need overpay because

      1. There is one bud in that price, so are you asking me to use overpay on pure?

      2. The Orbit Fire Swagman is about 1.1 buds with overpay, I added the bud onto that to get 2.1 buds.

        Where is your Electro Coupe coming from? I cannot see 1 single sentence about an Electro Coupe in this suggestion.

        1. If this offer was full of pure and of pure only, i wouldnt.

        2. I do agree but no.1

          The BOUGHT trade, owner claims he bought the Mongolian for an Electro Coupe.


          Purchased with a Electrostatic Coupe when the effect had been out for only a few days

          end quote

          If you check the histories, you'll find that OneMad{Cow} owned the Coupe, and then owned the Mongolian. The same for Banana King, but vice versa.

          As for you comments on the swagman issue, I don't really understand what you are saying. You can look at the other suggestion to see 1.1 is an accurate pure listing (for now) for an Orbit fire swagman.

            It would seem really strange if there is a knifestorm hat between cloudy moon and scorching on this non themed hat but you can let it go and try :P

      I think it's too high a price

        Woifi commented on other suggestion that this range would be acceptable.

        Also, the high tier Mongolians have very skewed prices, most of them need updates.

          I don't think he realized that the logo tyro was just recently updated and a suggestion for 1.6-1.8 was made right around the time of this sale. I think a range of 1.6-2.1 would be best, but this is pretty close.