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Balaclavas Are Forever
Submitted by Wesley ♦
~48.06 ref
Unique Balaclavas Are Forever Balaclavas Are Forever
164 votes up
70 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by [GIRL] Mr. Bucket.

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only 10 valid bumped trades on outpost, 13 if you count the ones that were last bumped 1+ day ago. add for key + rec add for key + rec add for key + ref add for 2 for 14 ref offer of bortherhood of arms (1-1.4)

    Proof seems solid, but more would be helpful. Nonetheless, upvote.

      A rec would not justify 1.2 also the person with the brotherhood is giving an item for it so overpay, only good proof is the 14 ref however that is only just 1.2

      A key and a rec would round down to a key.

      I'm not sure if the 1.2 range is justifiable in 2 links.

        to be exact, a key and a rec would be 1.1

          Kinda depends how you value keys. I value them at 6 ref. They'd round down that way. At the top price though, it seems as though it's just a tad over. Still I think 1 - 1.1 is a better range.

            at 6 ref, it is 1.1 also, if i do 6.33/6 on my calculator, it is 1.0555 which would be leaning more to 1.1, but that is just detail.

            my main problem with it is, barely anybody comments, i think (yes i know thinking is useless) there are more sales, but for that you'd have to ask michael puddington or andy.

              Sorry, I must have slipped a 6 while dividing it or something.

              Perhaps it'd be an idea just to show all of the open trades.