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Unusual Swagman's Swatter Dead Presidents
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Time for a price suggestion guys. I know I own this but I do have sufficient evidence suggest a very reasonable price.

** Unusuals overpay is considered by factoring the average value of the respective unusual by a factor of 0.9 **

First link:

- Notable offer(s) -

5 pures

7 pures

(I spoke to the person who offered the pures and he told me he wasn't sure if he would do it so I shall take these as retracted offers)

Best offer: Flaming Lantern Swagman (~5.6)

Second link:

- Notable offer(s) -

Best offer: Electrostatic titanium pillar of hats (~5.7) (Sold to this)

Swatter owner didn't really add anything, or he added a few refineds which is negligent towards the calculations:

Bp history of AlbinoBlackBear before he got the swatter:

Bp history after he traded his pillar and had the swatter:

Third link:

This dude traded his miami nights headwarmer + 2 pures for the swatter (Maybe ~8ish?) - OUTLIER so not taking this but just want to show you guys.

Setting the lowest end at ~5.6 (Flaming lantern swatter) and the highest end at ~5.7 (Sold for electro titanium)

Please provide counter proofs if you wish to rebut.

    I dont see how you calculated overpay value. The lantern Swagman is 5.5-5.8 on, so the overpay price is 5.65 *0.9 =5.085

    The pillar is 6.8 Buds on, so the overpay value is 6.12.

    the swagman is only an offer that doesnt necessarily have to be considered in the price, so I think the price could be set even higher than this,

      Well those prices have been affected by changes in the currency, I merely used the original prices of the hats before it got increased or decreased due to the currency change.