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~2.95 keys
Unique Strange Part: Scouts Killed
124 votes up
24 votes down
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This suggestion was closed 4 years ago by Chief Boogaloo Shrimp.

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DAT price range of this item ... awkward much? I'm going to try to narrow it down.

Buyers love to offer 2.66 but it rarely gets accepted, rare enough for it not to be included in the range. As for the high end 4 ref just doesn't sell.

Rejected offers of 2.66: last one

Failed buys at 2.66: 1 week

Offers of 3 ref or above: 3 ref offer two 3 ref offers 3.66 offer

Buying for 3 ref+ 3 ref accepting it as 3 ref 3.66

Selling for 3.66 or less: 3 ref 3.33 ref

Unsold for 4 ref: 5 days 6 days 1 week

Sorry for the bad proof but the market for this item is terrible right now.

    I'm not sure what to say about this, in fact the average price is still the same, but the range, being smaller, seems to be much better. This actually reminds me of the s. reserve shooter before a recent suggestion. I'll stay neutral for now until there's some more solid proof, but I like the idea of making the range smaller.

    i cant decide to upvote because i just like this range better or not. i dont wanna just upvote because of my being biased to this "being a better range", and the proof isnt really bad, you did what you could with what you found, and i know what you mean by "-market for this item right now is terrible.". ive skipped buying one of these twice in the past week just for building my bat collection instead.

      Unsold for 4 ref: 5 days 6 days 1 week

      It's nice that you tried to collect some evidence, but you can't just put a list of trades up like that and say they are 'unsold', without any proof.

      I know, because the first trade you linked to is mine, and I've sold at least 2 for 4 ref already. That is despite not even being around to trade a lot of the time (and I don't have time to check history more than a few days back, either).

      In fact, if you looked at the comments on my trade that you linked to, you'll also notice that I didn't accept an offer of 3.66. That is even more evidence that some people are prepared to buy this item at the high end of the current range.

      Looks like a better range, but 4 ref seems to be achievable. Please re-suggest.