Price Suggestion
~10 keys
Unusual Stately Steel Toe Stormy Storm
126 votes up
47 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 4 years ago by ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ~shenanigans~.

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I own one. Read first then vote and judge. Nobody is selling this for even 15 keys as far as I could find, but because it needs a range, 15 to 18 seems best. Slight bump of high and low ends.

Offer of Steaming Tricorne (15.5 keys with overpay) [REJECTED]

Offer of 19 keys [bought something else]

offer of 17 keys roughly

My trade: 30 dollar offer, about 17 keys pure

Offer of bliz sack + der wintermantle, which is about 18.5 keys pure with overpay

Bubbling L'inspecteur [about 15 keys with overpay]

Steaming Tricorne [about 15.5 keys with overpay]

    19 seems to be an outlier, so I don't see proof of 15-18, I see 15-17. But that's me being picky I suppose.

      I have an offer of 19 keys right now on my trade, he's waiting them to be tradable.