Price Suggestion
The Lone Star
Submitted by Seraph
~1.61 ref
Unique Lone Star
88 votes up
59 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by [GIRL] Mr. Bucket.

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Yes, I own one. No, it doesn't matter.

After seven long months, this thing needs a rise, having never fallen into craft hat territory. Surprisingly few trades for unpainted ones, I guess everyone paints them, like I did.

Amongst these, no sellers below 1.66. Turns down 1.33 offer Turns down 1.33 offer Sold for 2 ref Sold for 2 ref Offers of 1.66-2.66 in the last month (pitched as a low craft, but still) Buying at 1.66

Sellers at 1.66:

TL;DR There are sellers, buyers, and sales at 1.66, as well as the occasional 2 ref sale. Once again, I'm not doing this for self profit (I'd never sell muh glorious gray lone star), just updating an ancient price.

Dear god has it actually been 7 months? I remember when this first came out.