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~1.39 ref
Unique Bolgan Family Crest
76 votes up
127 votes down
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this is quite possibly the most forgotten and less demanded item in all of tf2

everyone just wants the genuine one instead, if at all.

I've added 1.33 to the range seeing as there's one (possible?) sale at 1.33, and since [url][/url] buys craft miscs at 1.33.

SALES: - sold for 1.22 - sold for 1.22 (or about to - will confirm soon) - sold for 1.33, i think (is no longer in his backpack)

And as always, good ol' buys craft hats and craft miscs for 1.33.

I'm pretty sure those are the only sales that have happened in quite a while. There aren't ANY other sold trades on tf2outpost,, and and there probably haven't been any since the last suggestion on this item a year ago.

i don't see how these will help but I guess I can list these: - 2 months old, asking 1.66, unsold - week old, asking 1.66, unsold - 3 weeks old, unsold - 2 days old, unsold - 6 days old, asking 1.66, unsold

To conclude: people get tired of trying to sell for 1.33 and are often ok with selling for 1.22, as demonstrated in above proof. It's an item very low in demand. Suggestions are welcome, as always.

    craft hat =1.33.

      Eeeexactly. Anything under 1.33 is a definite quicksell. As much as I hate you, Long (<3), I have to admit I agree with you.

        If it's the only sale happening, is it still a quicksell?

          I guess so.

            Think of it this way. If keys are currently priced at 5-5.22 ref, and there's a small influx of sellers at 4.88 ref, they're "quicksells", no? But what if there are so many quicksells that over 75% of key trades are at 4.88? Then it would be necessary to change the price to include 4.88, right?

            It's the same concept with this. People say 1.22 is a "quicksell" but in reality the majority of trades are at 1.22, so it's no longer a quicksell, it's standard price.

              well you have no idea how many of these are bought up by and people who buy craft hats for 1.33 without caring which hat/misc they buy.

      there are many sources that will buy any craftable hat for 1.33 ref. as long as they are around, this will not pass. sorry.

        Did you not read what I posted?

        >I've added 1.33 to the range seeing as there's one (possible?) sale at 1.33, and since buys craft miscs at 1.33.

          Honestly, no, as soon as I saw 1.22 in the range, I stopped reading.

          I'm not sure if it is a site policy or something, but a craft hat will never dip below 1.33 on this site.

            This is also what I'm asking. I don't believe (correct me if I'm wrong here) that there's a specific rule that keeps craft hats from going under 1.33, but everyone seems to be saying they can't go under 1.33 because they "just can't". Even if buys at 1.33, this doesn't determine the market value...

              It's kind of like the guideline for unusuals being at least 12, it's because there are constant buyers for the item at a set price. If you sell it for less you're probably quickselling.

                I've tried several times to get a straight answer as to why this lower limit exists (whether it is because of the amount of buyers at 1,33 or if it is a site philosophy that they should not go lower), but haven't been successful yet. All I can tell you is that history suggests this suggestion won't pass.

                  See, you get it. This is exactly what I'm trying to do - no one seems to be able to come up with a good answer to why that (unofficial) limit exists. Most people say that it's because buys for 1.33, but if most real traders buy it for 1,22, then why shouldn't it be accepted in the range?

                    I also believe the policy was in place prior to hatbanking on

                    I began asking for the answer when the range for Familiar Fez's exceeded the amount it takes to craft one. I wanted to know if the site documents what the item actually trades at, or what fully informed, rational consumers should spend on it.

                    I hope you get an answer. Let me know if you do.

        Sorry bro, you cant go lower than 1.33 on any hats that can be crafted into other hats

        And 1.66 unsold is irrelevent

          if you really wanted to be stingy about accuracy, every craft hat could be 1.22-1.44 since there are trades happening. 1.33 is much more common, therefore eliminating the need for 1.22 as well. downvoted again.

            Ahh, this piece of crap. This was the first hat I crafted for 3 Refined, and I haven't crafted since.

            Anyways, all craft hats are 1.33 Refined, regardless of how crappy it is. This one is no different

              The first hat I crafted was railpikes still have it in my inv.

              I'm sorry but of go to, every craft hat is bough for 1.33. This is invalid. Close it before a lot of people get free points, and before you get hated by everyone.

                Before you comment saying 'craft hats can't go under 1.33', what are you basing this off of? Simply because buys for 1.33 doesn't mean that all craft hats can't go lower than that. You can't only use as proof, you have to use real buyers and sellers as well; and if we exclude with this proof, statistically, over 70% of the trades are at 1.22. So if there's a specific regulation on saying that craft hats are not to go below 1.33, please point me in its direction and I will close this trade. Thanks.

                  But craft hats that sell for 1.22 sell IMMEDIETLY

                    Clearly these ones haven't. The first sale for 1.22 was originally asking 1.33, and didn't gain any interest; neither did the second one ( If you search for people selling this item on OP, you'll see that the trades are left empty forever, no matter the price, simply because no one wants this item and no one ever goes searching for it.

                      If thats supposidy true that no one wants it, howcome there are none at

                        Sorry, can you elaborate a bit? I don't understand what you're asking here.

                 gobbles up every single craft hats, with some valuable ones in there, and people buy them, Before the new update, you couldnt even find ellis caps at, why? cause the people buy the hats. There are alot of willing buyers at 1.33, but you fail to realize these buyers are on buying for them.

                    Welcome to QUICKSELLS/BUYS

                      As I said before, if it's the only trade happening on the market, how is it a quicksell?

                        ALL craft hats can be bought for 1.33. INSIST: Every hat/misc can be sold for 1.33 since is that, a craft hat. Of course people buy it for less because of it's low price. QUICKSELL

                          ...aaaand that's why I changed my price to include 1.33. Excluding, over 75% of trades are at 1.22, not 1.33.

                            You can't exclude It can be used as well as counter proof against this. Just close it, man

                              1. 1.33 is included in my range, so isn't applicable and 2. can't be used exclusively as counterproof, you need human buyers as well.

                                You keep without understanding -.- -Downvoted. As everyone did it.

                      Well that's moronic, no offence. Why do you think people buy at 1.22? Because they know that they can sell them on to at anytime for 1.33 and make an easy profit. This means, that assuming that the ONLY community members that buy craft hats buy them for 1.22, then sales will make up 50% of trades. And most people buy craft hats for 1.33, so this means that those who buy for less are in a negligible minority.

                        Yes, but once these people buying at 1.22 become the only buyers, should the price stay at 1.33, even if 99% of trades are at 1.22? There's a reason why this item is different, people are WILLING to sell it at 1.22, whereas you'll have trouble finding other craft hats for 1.22.

                          They won't become the only buyers. What part of this are you not getting?

                            Even if they aren't the only buyers, the range covers 1.33, which is the standard craft hat trading price. The greater majority of trades happen at 1.22, but like you (and everyone else) are saying, trades also happen at 1.33, which is why I included it in my range.

                              No, they don't! Did you not read my previous post? The people who buy at 1.22 will immediately sell them on to for an easy profit. They cannot make up the majority, because how they operate means they will only ever make up a maximum of 50% of buyers. -.-

                                I read your post, and I think I replied accordingly. The reason why it's selling for 1.22 isn't because of quicksells or people reselling to, it's because it's an undesired item, and people selling it get tired of waiting months and months agree to sell it for 1.22. This is why this item is different from the other craft hats, it's because nobody wants it or searches for sellers on Outpost.

                                  Here is a list of the hats that the bots do not accept as a craft hat:


                                  Notice how the bolgan is not on the list.

                                  The reason why the price will never fall below 1.33 is because will always buy for 1.33. Anyone who ends up selling at 1.22 does so because they do not know about, so I guess you could say that the 1.22 buyers are sharks by the strictest definition, as they buy items off other people who do not know the actual value of what they have. And sharked items will never count towards a legitimate price.

                      No. It's a craft misc/hat. Downvote

                      Yes it is. 1.22 for a craft hat is a quicksell. 1.44 is a highball. If you want to change the price of this craft misc, then change the price of every single craft hat/misc (That is 1.33 anyway)

                        Like I said in my other comments, even though most craft hats sell for a minimum of 1.33, the greater majority (over 75%) of trades for this one happen at 1.22. They ALSO happen at 1.33, which is why I covered that in my range.

                          And? What do these have to do with the Bolgan Family Crest? Like I said before, this item is different from the other craft hats because no one wants it, it's a forgotten item. Even the people wanting to buy cheap hats so they can craft them together go after the Ellis Caps and Sultan's Ceremonials. If you find me links to people specifically buying the BOLGAN FAMILY CREST for upwards of 1.33, I will gladly close this trade.

                            So your saying its not a craft hat?

                              Frist of all: yeah ellis as craft **** (they sell cfeepungly fast at 1.33 these days). But the sultan's? Most underrated demo hat of tf2. Looks gray.

                                Yeah, tbh I really like the ceremonial, I use it for my demoknight set. Only drawback is that it isn't painted.

                                IF IT IS CRAFTABLE, IT IS A CRAFT HAT. NO EXCEPTIONS

                              There are bots that buy hats for 1.33 24/7. There's no need for any craft hat to fall below 1.33.

                                This is like the things has different opinions, as in If wepons should be .11 instead of .05 but It represents most trades not the very few ones