Price Suggestion
~10 keys
Unusual Stately Steel Toe Stormy Storm
88 votes up
11 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 5 years ago by [GIRL] Mr. Bucket.

Comments can no longer be left on this suggestion. - The best offers 15-17 keys in unusuals. (21 keys unsold) - offers 16-17 keys in unusual - sold for 15 - offers 15-18 keys in unusual. (20 keys unsold) - 15-16 keys in unusual (offer) - offers - 15-18 keys in unusual.

    Lol, why are you using my trade saying "15-18 keys offers", if I already got few people adding for 20?

    And also, none of those unusuals (expect quicksell) got sold for 15 keys.

      1 month ago, you think its not outdated?