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~61.72 ref
Unique Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
59 votes up
91 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by 😩 Puddilicious 😩.

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If you want keys to start decreasing in price, then tell all these people to stop buying keys for higher and higher amounts. They are paying above price which shows that is not in control of this crazy, never-ending key price. I am doing the smallest increase possible in hopes that the admins/moderators will accept it again therefore closing all the other ones currently open.

People you should tell to close their trades to help keys stop rising in price: buying for 5 refined buying for 5 refined buying for 4.88 refined buying for 4.77 refined buying for 4.77 refined buying for 4.77 refined buying for 4.77 refined buying for 4.77 refined buying for 4.77 refined buying for 4.77 refined buying for 4.77 refined buying for 4.77 refined buying for 4.77 refined buying for 4.77 refined buying for 4.77 refined buying for 4.77 refined buying for 4.77 refined buying for 4.77 refined buying for 4.77 refined buying for 4.77 refined buying for 4.77 refined buying for 4.77 refined buying for 4.77 refined currently at 4.79 refined || has been above 4.77 refined since April 18, 2013 (3 days ago)

    why 4.55-4.77 ref

      Smallest increase I could make. I mainly want to draw attention to people that if these buyers continue to buy above, then those buying prices will catch up with them and be reflected into the range. If we can work together and get them to stop buying for higher, then we can work on stabilizing key prices or better yet seeing a decrease overtime if more people are willing to see the error in their ways.

          It's not a troll suggestion.

            yea it is, you are posting counterproof for your own suggestion and try to convince people to stop buying keys to lower the know your range is wrong, you only made this to attract attention..that's what the forums are for, you should know better

              although I disagree with Jerrinho about this being a troll suggestion

              I agree that there is no proof at all at 4.55

                troll suggestion was the wrong word, but it's a suggestion that is only made to attract attention and he knows it's not gonna pass..those kinds of suggestions should not be made and especially not by someone who has 226 passed suggestion who should know better and be an example for inexperienced guys instead of pouring oil into the fire

                  Do you have any proof that 4.55 refined or lower isn't possible? There are plenty of protest trades selling keys for below 4 refined. Should I include those?

                  It can pass perfectly fine just like the last one. That one I suggested last week was also low considering my evidence, but it still passed just fine. People have been able to sell keys for above 4.77 refined for at least 2 weeks now, but moderators are slow to accept key prices for good reason. If you ramp up the price too fast then you create uncertainty in the market and cause more people to flood the market buying keys for higher and higher trying to liquidate their refined into keys and allowing sellers to bump up their prices higher and higher to maximize their revenue. The reverse is also true and an example of this can be found in the B.M.O.C. going from 7 keys to 27 keys and then dropping back down to 12 keys between September to January.

                    you can't seriously believe posted no less than 20 people buying for 4.77 and you think that should be the high end? I mean shame on you for making a hopeless suggestion, just leave this website if you think it has any sort of chance of passing..4.55 is just not happening on any kind of regular basis..if your sole argument is that it does happen 5-10 times a day, go ahead and make a suggestion with a range of 2.66-6, because trades happen on both ends of that


                    "...just stop buying Keys at these ridiculous prices and they will go down soon (I stopped buying them when they started to be more than 3 Ref)"

                    - [SP33DY]Jerrinho

                      should I give you a cookie for finding that? lol..ofc you are right people SHOULD stop buying keys for 5 damn ref, but achieving that by making a hopeless suggestion is not the way to do it..promote a steam group, convince friends, but don't make useless suggestions..and the fact that you out of all the people do this makes it even worse, because you should set an example

                      • Steam groups are a joke:

                      • All my real life friends actually play the game and don't trade

                      • All my steam friends are from and flip for a living

                      This suggestion is still an increase in price which is apparent for keys. I'm perfectly well aware that it is below the current market price for keys, but I also know that this site loses people daily simply because of misinformation about why keys are rising. People say is creating a feedback loop between outpost, but I'm simply here to state that now it is not only the sellers that supposedly bump up their price every time accepts keys as higher, but it is also the buyers that do so as well. I am directing this suggestion to the individual with a <$15 wondering why keys are going up and only seeing as the viable reason.

                      I'm well aware that if I were to make my suggestions like I make my other ones, then I probably would have made it 4.66-4.88 refined such as Hatch Rawer Beryl, but the fact of the matter is that keys are different. One of the main factors that plays with the market model for keys has become people's expectations. People have now expected keys to increase and therefore do not mind paying a scrap "more" than price for a key since they expect that the price will be bumped up to that price later on and it is better to have the key when that happens then to not since it becomes harder and harder to buy a key for a certain set price as time progresses. This expectation has caused keys to have a steady uptick in price since quite frankly there has not really been a decrease in transactions among key buyers and sellers and possibly a higher amount of trading going on as people rush to cut their loses in refined in order to buy a key and hold to it/sell it for higher as the increase continues week after week.

                      Do not doubt my intelligence on the matter, I simply wish to both inform the public through the largest venue possible along with also causing the smallest ripple in key prices because as a new price gets accepted in causes a wave of change in the trading market for keys.

                        I never doubted your intelligence, but this is not the way to show it and you're being a bad example for those with <10 suggestions accepted, because they think it's acceptable to post suggestions with insufficient/bad/wrong proof if someone like you does it as well.

                  can't comment on your other comment cuz too many layers but yesterday I found one single buyer at 4.66 and he told me I beat 8 other people that come to buy.


                  in less than 1 minute

                  so unless you wait on first page for around an hour, it is pretty much impossible.

              Good job making moderator's job even harder ;-)

                i have got to say, this range is much better


                  Lulz I help to raise key price by buying them for 5 ref

                    Indeed, you did.

                    Looks good.

                    Nice proof, but what's with the range?

                      ANOTHER ONE!!!! This never gets old does it?

                        two things:

                        1. Stop with these pointless comments. They dont contribute to anything.

                        2. I kill all spy crabs. Watch your back.

                        Here add to your links :


                        Range should be 4.66 - 4.88


                        is buying at 4.66 - 4.88, there's no point selling at 4.55.

                          Wow, 4 Key Suggestions that are still active. :/ This makes the moderator/admin's job even more difficult.

                            Honestly, I think we should make keys increase as quickly as possible, and hear me out before you thumb me down... If we increase keys at double time, we will get to the breaking point all the faster, and then keys will either crash or they will be stuck at the high prices they would have been at eventually anyway. I say full steam ahead, and lets get those keys hiked!

                              Remember when people would suggest 5 refined when keys were 3.33 refined in order to cause a breaking point? Yeah, I'm curious as to where this breaking point is because I haven't seen any indication of it since October when this whole thing got started.

                              Ugh, great. So this whole thing is going to last even longer...

                              Mods: Pick one already. If I get just one more person adding me to buy keys, i'm going to kill somebody. With a chainsaw. Attached to another chainsaw.

                                Have you noticed that key prices have been ridiculously stable since the last suggestion was passed? The first time key prices have been stable in a long time. I think it is appropriate to wait a week in between accepted suggestions. Changing prices every two days was only adding fuel to the fire.

                                  Ridiculously stable? There are many examples of successful sales at 5 refined. That's an entire reclaimed above the current price. You call that stable?

                                    (1) You can't go by a few sales - - take a look at the last 5 days and compare that to the previous few weeks

                                    (2) Those sales at 5 ref have been going on for the last 5 days, since the last suggestion was accepted. My point is that prices were rising very quickly when suggestions were accepted every 2 days. But in the last 5 days, the prices have been as stable as we have seen them for quite a while.

                                Finance has been stable around 4.77 for a good 4 days or so. As long as the mods don't screw up and choose the wrong range the price might legitimately stay where its at (or at least slow down a bit).

                                  You guys do know that the key prices increasing every day will lead to the TF2 economy crashing, right?

                                    Still waiting for that to happen. Please alert me when it does.

                                      3 ref - ECONOMY IS CRASHING

                                      3.33 ref - ECONOMY IS CRASHING

                                      4.66 ref - CRASHING CRASHING CRASHING

                                      only problem is its really hard to find keys for 4.55 or even 4.66. im buying at 4.66, got 1 key in 20 hours :( sad to see keys basically at 5 ref