Price Suggestion
~4.44 ref
Unique Three-Rune Blade
90 votes up
51 votes down
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Kind of lowering in value due to high amounts of crafting, not much demand as much as before since everyone has it, its like the sharp dresser cool, but too many people have it

tf2op sellers: unsold fer 1.66 unsold at 2 ref unsold 2 ref unsold 2 ref unsold 1.66 unsold wants 1.66-2 ref unsold for 2 ref unsold for 2 ref unsold for 2 ref sold for 1.66 ref 2 ref unsold 2 ref unsold 2 ref unsold 2 ref unsold 2 ref unsold 2 ref unsold 2 ref unsold 2 ref unsold 2 unsold one for 1.77 and one for 2 ref


TF2OP BUYERS: bought 1 (more but unknown since just added comment showed) at 1.66 6 bought at 1.66 bought 1 for 1.66 bought 4 for 1.33 bought 2 for 1.66 bought 3 for 1.22 bought 1 for 1.66 bought 2 for 1.66 bought 3 at 1.33 bought 2 at 1.77 bought 2 for 1.66

need more proof? it's gonna drop i mean there is no way it will rise since you can get it at any time from crafting

    Lol most of your unsold for 2 ref are either unbumped or very new. That many people willing to buy at 1.66 ref means that they are reselling them for higher, e.g. 2 refined. Not enough proof to warrant 1.66 flat.

      i'll get more proof for you then?

        also i went through the entire trades on the three rune blades so whatever is up there is up there, everything else either has no price or is over 2.33

    since their seem to be several selling for less than 1.66 u might want to make it a range and not 1.66 flat

      well since most that are sold are 1.66 that should be the price since a .11 decrease into 1.66-2 wouldnt make too much sense. I acually did think about the 1.66-2 difference or even less but i think since so many have been bought for less than 1.66, 1.66 is a good price i really dont want to drop the price so quickly and get so much hate you know?

        i ment like 1.44/1.33-1.66 or so, since it dose seem like the price is falling though i dont think that 1.66 flat is the best

          people are gonna hate on me if i drop the prices down teh drain so quickly plus even the sharp dresser, maul,and apoco fists arent that low. Also i do see your point, but even if it makes sense not everyone really agrees you know?

      i see sold for 1.33 and even 1.22 in you proof, so why is it not in the range?

        ah, i guess i should read the other comments before posting my own, i see you already adressed that...

        From your unsold for 2 ref section: is sold (item history) is sold (item history) is sold

        Classefieds one of the 1.77 ones sold.

        People who bought for 1.66 and resold for 2: (1.77)

        Also there is a buyer for 1.77. Downvoted. Might be more counter proof once steam comes back up and I can check people's backpacks.

          alright but well thats a couple out of many, also time is my enemy by the time i posted this suggestion they were unsold it isnt my fault, also i respect your downvote, i mean i cant tell people what to do

            Thats why we don't use trades under a day old as proof, so it really is your fault. And you didn't check the buyers to see if they re-sold.

            There isn't "many" unsold as you say, they're all just very new and haven't had a chance on the market yet.