Price Suggestion
The Boo Balloon
Submitted by cranwell96
~28.44 ref
Unique Boo Balloon
115 votes up
26 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Elsa Payaso.

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Comments bought for 1.66ref, sold for 2.66ref negotiations for the 2.66ref sale only other trade I know of with one, 1 month old, offers of 1.66ref, 2ref

Silly me, forgetting to update my backpack before making a suggestion, I don't own one anymore.

    This went over 6 months without a price?

      Same with the duchess set and mastermind.

      How the...

      It's never even had a suggestion attempt!

      It makes sense that everyone forgot about the store version. pricelist show it as .33

        and droping

          The red box behind the price means it's for the uncraftable one.

              Right, sorry. spreadsheet lists at .33 tho for dirty which i think is this right