Price Suggestion
Strange Sniper Rifle
Submitted by jaykat
~26.28 ref
Strange Sniper Rifle
130 votes up
79 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by neverclever.

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ever since crate 52 got taken out, this item been selling at higher value, especially since this is also in high demand. Also nearly impossible to find it for .66; but you can still find afew for .88

Proof below. 1 ref 1 ref/.88 offer .88 ref 2 ref suprisingly and 1 ref offer 1 ref 1 ref 1 ref 1 ref multiple offers multiple offers above 2 ref oddly 1 ref 1 ref and a 1.66 ref offer 1 ref 1 ref 1.33 ref .66 offer but seller wants 1 ref

many sellers at 1.33 but few actual buyers

also this is my first price suggestion so I would appreciate it if go easy on me

    Most of them haven't sold.

      the search on outpost only shows ones that haven't sold because it assumes I'm going to buy it

        You need more proof of .66 not selling

          look at the offers, many people offer .66 and is rejected

    I think you meant crate 54

      ya, my bad :/

      -Buying for 0.66 ref

      -Buying for 0.66 ref

      -Buying for 0.66 ref

      -Buying for 0.66 ref

      -Buying for 0.66 ref

      -Buying for 0.66 ref

      -Buying for 0.66 ref

      -Buying for 0.66 ref

      -Buying for 1 ref

      Your proof + reasoning is terrible, but this price is accurate to me. Tons (tons) of buyer trades willing to pay 0.66 ref, that means that they are reselling for more (if buying multiple).

        All of these were on the first page as well.

          many of those had no offers on them, buyers can try to buy them for as cheap as they can but it means nothing if nobody offers to sell

            but thanks

              The point isn't that they are only paying 0.66 ref, the point is people are willing to pay 0.66, and I highly doubt they are purchasing multiples just to keep, so that means they are reselling for higher. Since there is so many 0.66 buyers, that means that selling for higher is very easy.

                I think that everybody wants to buy for 0.66, but nobody will sell for 0.66

              first looks like quicksell, second link ok, last is old

                And you need more counter-proof!

                  So you want me to copy paste the 1 million 1 ref. unsold there is out there?

                    10 links are enough ^^

                      1 week is still frsh evidence. A small dab of counterproof for a low item as this is very descisive.

                  first two links both have an add comment in less than 10 hours. Pretty telling even though it's only two trades

                  Very limited success among those links from what I can see, which does paint a picture.

                  If quickbuyers are willing to buy at .66 and are only having limited success, then that shows that it is a bit low for this weapon.

                  i bought one piece in ~2 weeks with a 0.77-buying-trade. 0.66 seems too low for me also.