Price Suggestion
~19 ref
Unique Charmer's Chapeau
107 votes up
117 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by 😩 Puddilicious 😩.

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Comments - I was offered, 1.66, 2.00, 2.33, then bought at my buyout of 3 refined in less than 2 days.

I purchased it for 1.33, but given how quickly I received higher offers, I'm sure I got lucky. - sold for / offered 2.44, 2 days - this pleasant gentleman was offered 2 ref multiple times, seems to have been offered 3.11 3 days ago, but hasn't sold it. A little fishy, but it's what we have to work with. - 6 ref offer on Team Spirit, for whatever that's worth.

    if you choose to dislike all of my comments, please let me know so we can debate the disagreement i bought this gold one for 1.66 like 2 hours ago

      Noted, but he did choose to sell it after only 18 views. Unfortunately the other two gold charmers on the market aren't helpful, but the links I provided would lead me to believe you got lucky like I did.

      It's rather difficult to find these without paint on them, clean or not, but aside the point, I don't see people paying face value for an uncraftable item.

        what do you mean you don't see it?

          To word it differently:

          "I don't see people paying 70% of the craftable price of this hat for an uncraftable version. I just don't think most people would."

            I don't think most people would either, but there are enough bidding on them on the occasion that they hit the market that they are selling for this much. It may not follow intuition, but you can see it happening in the above links.

              Still, selling does not equal sold, and you need sold items. Also, a little more proof would be convincing.

              Sidenote: Only reason you got 3 refined for yours was because some poor chap wanted it badly, and they fell for it.

                The "selling does not equal sold" argument doesn't apply at all when the suggestion is based entirely on offers and not buyouts. Four links of proof is more than many uncraftable suggestions in the past.

                And what are you basing your sidenote off of? What did he fall for? I already had an offer of 2.33 and was waiting to hear back from the person who offered 2.00. You are basing your "value" of the hat off of nothing other than "I don't think people would pay that much"

          this is logical yes, tf2 trading sadly doesn't rely on logic, so key:ref conversion and cash value of keys and ref. people still buy ref, even tho they can buy keys and quicksell to and profit. uncraft collectors like what they like, like almost all uncrafts is a collectors item, see uncraft buds. people who want the hat want the hat can just get a clean one, since not many look for the cheaper uncrafts. collectors will pay in this range apparently.

          3 refined is too damn high considering that it was only 1 person and 'it was fishy' I would say 2-2.33 would be better. I can do it for you if you want, but until then downvote

            It's two people at 3 refined. The first link shows me selling at 3 refined within 2 days. Not sure if you saw that. You're welcome to submit another suggestion, I feel this is accurate, given recent sales.