Price Suggestion
~3.33 ref
Unique Outdoorsman
48 votes up
82 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by [GIRL] Mr. Bucket.

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Only unpainted one:

Last offer was 1.77 ref, probably could have gone higher if he had waited a little longer.

    Too large of a range, little proof, and owns one. Downvote :\

    I think this is a very big jump

      Find me one cheaper.

      Pricing uncraftable will be hard, and the community won't support as "Why would dirty be more expensive than clean?". Good luck though, I know you know your prices.

        I got the feeling people just downvote automatically when they see uncraftable. Always got to gather some rep after i make these suggestions, lol. Thx for the support though :)

        too big of a range, by far.

          far more accurat as well

          i agree with this.

          i tried to get 1.66 2 months ago (or 1.33) but it wasnt accepted because it wasnt broad enough.

          this is the 2nd time this can be proven, so i hope admins listen to this one this time

            Need More Proof, and range is too big.

              No way, that 1.77 is ridiculous. Way to big of a range, downvoted.

                Out of all the things you could have suggested why do 2 uncrafts that you own and 2 big jumps. Good luck with your suggestions.

                  Because I know, the prices of uncraftables. I don't know anything about prices of unusuals.

                  Had offers of 1 ref, 1.11, 1.44, 1.55, 1.77