Price Suggestion
~11.5 keys
Unusual Tippler's Tricorne Smoking
77 votes up
14 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by [GIRL] Mr. Bucket.

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Comments < B/O of 28 keys/bud+key < The guy from above offerd me 1:1 for a bud < B/O of a bud < B/O of 28 keys/bud, 20 keys pure offer < B/O of 1.4 buds , C/O of 1 bud(highest on outpost) but no comments

-Not sure about the range, please comment below

    It's a good suggestion, but the change in price is very minimal, and would fall under a reconfirmation as opposed to actual change. You can only reconfirm prices if 2 months have passed since the last update, to show that a price has stayed the same.