Price Suggestion
~25.55 ref
Vintage Buffalo Steak Sandvich
72 votes up
16 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by -».•´Puddilicious`•.«-.

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Comments < Selling for 2.66ref (stock : 2 )

People still can sell for 3 ref but here some unsold at 3 ref : < 3 days old < 6 days old < 1 week old < a guy want to sell for 2.77ref, another guy want to sell for 2.66ref

    Considering there's over 20k out there, and the fact that I've seen more people accept as much as 1-2 Ref, I'd say somewhere around 2.33.

      Well i cant find any proof for 2.33ref

        Hm, I suppose all of those trades went by already...I've been doing some more reviewing, and I believe 2.77 might be more balanced.

      see the thing is... people sometimes want to buy it cheaper because they know the actual price is higher and they would then later sell the item for the original price, hence making a profit by buying the item cheaper and selling it at a price higher than the buy price

        not sold 1 week - it not proof , need proof on 2.66 refs sold