Price Suggestion
~57.06 ref
Unique Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
55 votes up
70 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by [GIRL] Mr. Bucket.

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Proof Credits go to The Witch King of Angmar.

Sorry Long218. selling for 3 ref selling for 3 ref selling for 2.55 ref selling for 3 ref selling for 3 ref selling for 2.33 ref - Myself

Mostly every trader has a good amount of keys, so the worry of keys running out is very small. This even though painful, is necessary. Please read this article: Specifically the " and TF2 Outpost" Section, with all respect.

Admins, mods, and other traders, I know you guys are going to close this down, face the truth. All of the suggestions with key prices lowering are all closed. Just a hypothesis, that you guys might want to save your own backpacks. However, this will lead to the thought of you people controlling TF2 key prices. Do you really want to be called that? I hope not, because judging at this rate, keys will be at 10 ref, and people won’t be too happy with this site. I must say so myself, I myself as a seller also want profit, which is our downfall. Profit… Such a beautiful yet painful word. We are conceived by the greed in our head. We do not care for anything but making keys more expensive. What’s the point behind this? Profit.

Is this really what you want? Even though traders can make profit, do you really want to accept the fact that one day, if keys inflation is not going to stop, you’ll have to pay multiples of the number you have played when it was 2.33-2.66? Please, admins and mods, think about this for a few minutes. Even if you don’t accept the key prices, be sure to remember these days, when people are fighting against the key prices. I’m sure Everybody, including me, will look back and laugh at our stupidity for only caring about profit. No pain, no gain. The dropping of key prices may also help you someday. Peace.

      im gonna have fun when I join the club

        I recommend taking out the #/etc on the links so they stop linking to individual posts within the trades.

          Done. Thanks for the tip. :)

          I though 4 ref even was fine. But now Long is taking it too far.

          He's had the last two suggestions accepted because our votes don't matter here.

          Long live Long218 forever (hopefully not for long) shall he reign.

            Long218 key prices best key prices.

              if you think about it, isnt really based on community prices because if a person with a blue star suggests a price change, it automatically gets accepted


              this won't pass

              watch as i get disliked for telling the truth

              Upvote, because I want to watch the world burn!

                  this is what will happen, unfortunately

                  >Trade selling keys for 3 ref

                  >Tons of people buy

                  >They all resell their keys

                    Which is why I'm that one guy who doesn't like people that resell for 4 Refs and won't trade them the key

                  I won't even bother debating. I'll just leave my downvote here and move on.

                  I'll upvote this.

                    Thank you.

                      its not going to make the suggestion pass

                      I'm sorry, so, so sorry, but this will not pass. I will not downvote, but neither will I upvote, because no matter how much we want it to pass, it won't.

                        No need to be sorry. All we can hope for is that this price will someday drop, and that maybe one day, one day, if we have the perseverance, keys will drop.

                          One day...

                            and on that day, we will look back and thank keffene.

                 , this got accepted, why can't this one? ;p

                            One word: Admins.

                              I think that voting doesn't play a role much. As long as the admins find the proof reasonable, it would mostly likely get accepted.

                              Just downvote and take the free rep and progress towards entry into the monthly giveaway.

                              It's not like your vote matters anyways so you might as well take the +1 rep for free.

                                Rep doesn't mean much, I'm not voting because I think that keys should go down, but I know they won't.

                                  But why not take the free rep because you know this won't pass and as I said above every successful vote you make puts you closer to getting an entry in the monthly raffle so why not vote, especially when you know you'll get the rep?


                                    Eh, I have entered already, and 1/100 to a 1/1000 raffle vs. personal feelings over the subject is not really worth it.

                                      Principles, mate. Some people don't care about free rep, they do things like making "low price key" suggestions because they fight for what they believe in. Lack probably sees people trying hard to lower the price and the protests, his moral compass admires that and refuses to get in their way.

                                        I think you're missing my point.

                                        My point is that you're vote isn't going to effect this suggestion at all, upvoting or downvoting based on personal beliefs is not only not how the site was designed to work but it's also just wasting your own time and site rep.

                                          Well now, that's the site's problem, not mine. The reputation of this site is already negative in the TF2 community, I might be making it worse if I upvote this vote, but honestly, I don't care. The voting system should count in suggestions or it shouldn't be there at all, it gives people the false illusion that their vote matters while in reality it doesn't and the admin has the final say. Besides, removing it now would make it much worse anyways.

                                Upvote, i wanna see long bp drop, even if only for a day c:

                                  Oh, that would be glorious, LOL. Long's bp would drop harder than "Louder - DJ Fresh" and as climatically as Kaidus's nations cup stickyjumper caber uber pick.

                                      Was about to sell one for a person that isnt as greedy as long218. The treasure hat he wanted to buy was already sold, so he gave it back.

                                      Good to know theres still people out there which arent like long218.

                                      If only you chose not to only sell to certain traders, this would be accepted.

                                        What's the point if you resell? If you don't like my trade, move on. I'm not begging you to buy a key from me. There're other links you can go to.

                                        Buying keys for 3.33 - I'm overpaying here guys. Add me!!!

                                          I'll do 3.44

                                            This guy is a highballer! If you sell to him he'll just resell at 19 ref!!

                                          didn't we just have a ****storm over a 2.66 suggestion?

                                            Yeah, we did. It got closed.

                                            Really?i just sold a key for 4.22. 5 people added me 10 minutes after trade was up and they wanted more than 1. I sold a key for metal so i could get UHHH

                                              UHHH what? You can't remember what you were gonna buy?

                                                uhhh=unusual headless horsemans headtaker i think


                                                The key prices are still up. Until this gets accepted, there's nothing we can do but wait and for other traders to sell their keys.

                                                upvote for pootis

                                                  Well this is the dumbest thing I've seen in a while...

                                                    Long's suggestion should not have passed. -315. I think a power abuse is present. Unfortunately, this is why I no longer trust backpack pricing, however, I'd love to see the price drop

                                                        Manipulating huh? Don't even get me started.

                                                          And you say that upvoting key prices aren't?

                                                            He might be doing it when no one else wants to for his own advantage, because it is acurate it passes. Yours on the other hand is blatantly wrong and done for your advantage.

                                                              He has a vote of -315. That should not have passed.

                                                                because people are basing it on what they want, not what the accurate price is. I had some extra metal last week and it took me all week to buy one for 4.11

                                                                  but votes not matter. shows the current price. I am not saying the current price is 100% accurate, but its a lot better than this is it not?'s job isn't to show you the price you want.

                                                              Biased.....this a community price list. (Or so they say). If the community is biased, that means a suggestion should not pass, because they do not want it to. To me that is what a community price list means. Not "Hurr durr, pass it anyways"

                                                                You have no right to accuse anyone of manipulating the price of keys, whether it holds truth or not.

                                                                People downvoted because a) a lot of people hate long and b) people just want keys to drop in price and don't care about what is actually happening. While i agree this key inflation is bad the proof long provided was great. Also if this just went on votes alone the site would be a absolute mess.

                                                                Now we need a revolution to raise the price of metal.

                                                                  Long live the revolution.


                                                                    Ho... Boy...

                                                                    As much as I would LOVE to see keys drop... I don't know... I feel like this is price manipulation in and of itself. Is fighting fire with fire really the best idea? I cannot really think of any alternatives, but still...

                                                                      Unfortunately, sometimes poison is the only cure to a much worse disease.

                                                                      oh thanks god!! ^^

                                                                        I'll upvote this, but I know it's pointless...

                                                                          could you delete the duplicate proofs, makes it seem like you have more than you actualy do, seeing as first, 7th and last are the same, so are 5th and second to last, 4th and third to last 3rd and 4th to last and 2nd and 6th to last

                                                                            Oh sorry, I got it from another guy. I'm still getting more links. Thanks for noticing!

                                                                            Does it even matter if keys rise, cause when they reach a certain price, you might as well buy it for 2.50 at the store.

                                                                              The keys are not rising in value. The refined value is dropping.

                                                                                Only for the keys, that's for sure.

                                                                              I would lol if this were to be accepted.

                                                                                R.I.P. IN PEACE 2.33 "The best price." ;-;7

                                                                                  I'm so upvoting this, i wanna see the economy twitch

                                                                                    Doomed suggestion is doomed.

                                                                                      Up-voted to show support.

                                                                                        The thing people don't seem to realize is that keys aren't really going up, ref is just going down. Keys prices are the same, it is just taking more and more refined to make one key.

                                                                                          Not going to open ... not yet :p