Price Suggestion
~31.94 ref
Unique Festive Huntsman
304 votes up
136 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Soundtrack.

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It is impossible to find 1 for 1.33.


Over then 1.66

Nobody is even selling for 1.66.

Plus, I am trying to buy 1 in tf2outpost but nobody sell to me :(


    Edit: But your trade has only 15 views O_o

      You have to look a bit, people tend to jump to the higher price, just because says so.

      I got around 4 in a half an hour for 1.33.

        Probably you are famous or whatever. However, the festives from 2012 will go up to about a key in the Christmas anyway. Plus, I can't buy 1 in 1.33 in tf2outpost. I had already post it around 2-3 days already. If I got 1 now, I will probably close this vote.

          Don't put up a trade, go search for people looking for offers and give an offer of 1.33 to them, that's what I'm doing.

          Also I'm not famous. Now isn't christmas either.

            Considering how high the 2011 festives went near Christmas, the 2012 ones will probably go a lot higher than 1 key.

              Well, the problem is that because a good deal of the 2012 festives were bought by people with the idea of reselling. The huge price increase of the 2011 festives was uncertain, and thus did not have as many bulk resellers buying them. However, with the higher amount of resellers owning the 2012 festives with the purpose of selling them there's an increased supply in the market that's going to be traded rather than kept traded. This is only my opinion, of course, but I don't believe that the 2012 festives will fetch quite as high of a price as the 2011s.


          [url][/url] selling for 1.33 refined

            Thanks a lot.

              So did you took it or not?

              Even if I can buy it, I will still set the price as 1.66 because there isn't any more sellers selling for 1.33 (just some guys).

              thanks for the link dude

              had it rise to 1.66 ref because i couldn`t buy more for 1.33-1.55 i used to..

              after all 2 huntsmans can buy you a key! very easy!


                but that trade sold very easy, someone even offer 1.44.

                  The person above you offered 1.44 refined in case you didn't notice. This trade wasn't meant to disprove this suggestion, it was meant to help the suggester buy one for 1.33 refined. I was trying to be nice.

                    ohh sry, misunderstand.

                    my ENG is pretty ****ty.

                [url][/url] - your trade

                Here's a tip about the way you set up your trade: it has a lot of miscellaneous junk. Who cares that you bought those other festives that you didn't even list in your trade, you can't even find your buying price for the festive huntsman until the bottom which by then most have lost interest. Just list your buying prices for those 3 festives and move on. I know I personally do not take the time to check a link if the description is longer than my attention span. You are also not buying for 1.66 refined. It always takes longer to buy at the low end as opposed to the high end. Ample time must be allocated before claiming it near impossible.

                some links are old, and all are unsold, last link also has a range of 3.33 not 2 ref, so im sorry, downvote

                  However, there are no people selling for 1.33 anymore, if you don't believe, go check outpost

                    im not the one who is needs to provide proof, you are, so do that yourself, if you are sure that people are not selling for 1.33, why not put some links?