Price Suggestion
~0.05 ref
Unique Vaccinator
464 votes up
128 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by [GIRL] Mr. Bucket.

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well, I sold it at a scrap today, but it's true, it is a normal weapon now.

its a norm wep, it can be sold fer a scrap or one wep depends on trader :-).

though traders sell weps usually fer a scrap each, most norm weps on are. 55 so i approve

    no proof of them being sold for 0.05

    0.05-0.11 seems better. Same goes for the LC and the RR

        and yet, you guys are fighting this man cuz of his proof? its a freaking weapon, and there are trades for scrap. every other weopon goes for a scrap but isnt priced that way. Upvote. You guys are too critical.

          It can be whatever the hell it wants to be. But the OP needs proof to back their suggestion.

          Found this in AppleScrap's inventory. Hope this helps!

            Also a Loose Cannon and a Rescue Ranger... lol