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~290 keys
Unusual Soldier's Stash Cauldron Bubbles
17 votes up
11 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by A Distinctive Lack of Vincent.

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4 month old price and goes for significantly more.

Notable offers of 8 buds, a Cloudy Moon Jeepcap + sweets (5.9-6.6 +), a Secrets Officers Ushanka (no price), a Searing Stash + 3 buds (5.9-6.3), a Steam Hazmat + Steam Mining Light + Bubble L'inspecteur + SF GL (6.3-7.5).

Sold for 8 buds + a N&B Hard Counter (8.4-8.5) ~ 8.4 pure

Had a bunch of similar offers as the seller above. Sold it for 8 buds. Link below shows the completed transaction.

Trade is a day or two from being 2 months old. Looks like Conquest paid the B/O.

Considering outlier due to age and more recent trades going for significantly more.

All other trades are over 2 months old.

    considering 2 months was a lot different the other 2 sales that can be excluded.

      also the nuts n bols hard counter doesn't add it's max value to an offer. and due to it's value it's paying about 8.25 in total but otherwise it seems fine

        If I took it for its max value the high end would be 8.5+. Its an easy sale at its low end of 12 keys and even considering unusual overpay leaves it at about .4 buds in value.

          it's not that it's an easy sale that effects overpay price just the fact you have to sell something. cause people are very lazy... very very lazy

            there are people out there that will buy any

            any unusual for 12 keys, no matter class or effect.

            hell, there is 5 pages of that stuff. 0.4 buds gained easy.

      I would say that the other one seems more accurate for the low and high end as IC a guy had a B/O of 5.5 buds which was 1 month ago, I know, but considering that there aren't any on the market makes it almost nothing if it's 1 month old. Staing Neutral on this one but upvoting the other one :D

        Actually I checked and that trade occurred around the 18th of January so its pretty much 2 months old.

          PEASANT never researches these stuff. 2 month old trade can both be regarded as an anomaly and too old. Upvote here, Downvote other one