Price Suggestion
~6.5 ref
Unique Berliner's Bucket Helm
35 votes up
19 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by 😩 Puddilicious 😩.

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This requires a little bit of a bump since it hasn't been bumped for 4 weeks.

SELLERS: - Got offered .66 on his. - Got offered .66 2 times. - Got offered .66 and buyer's considering it. - Sold his for .66. - Got offerd .77 for his Berliner's.

BUYERS: - Got offered a Berliner's Bucket Helm for .66.

Summary: Very few buyers that aren't quicksell buyers, but the sellers are getting some offers around the .66-.77 range. I'm keeping it at .66 because there was only 1 offer of .77. I personally feel that it needs to be at .66 flat because of how many people are not offering .55 but instead .66. Please feel free to provide counterproof if possible. Thanks for your consideration.