Price Suggestion
Genuine Ap-Sap
Submitted by TviL
~10.45 keys
Genuine Ap-Sap
50 votes up
105 votes down
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I think this is a fair price because the price of box more than the prices of the things that got people to open these boxes.


whats in the sandvich box?

box Price: 5.3-5.8 buds

price sandvich: 4-4.5 buds

    I see your logic, however market price reflects what people are buying/selling for. Speculation doesn't come in to play (At least it shouldn't).

    You will need links showing people successfully buying at these prices in order to support this change

    i think your bills is 2 keys

    example :

    left for dead 4 keys your bills 2

      But L4D doesn't come with Bill's Hat. By his logic, any pre-order version would be worth more than a Bill's- and they are. I'm still downvoting this due to not having proof, but his logic is sound.

        all i meant that there is no proof -_- - guy offering 20 keys - c/o 16 keys - c/o 16 keys

      It doesn't matter what you think, it only matters what people are willing to pay for it.

        just sold 1 more fore 18 keys

        again i can provide proofs if you need
 yesterday today

        my opinion the price varies good luck pricing this that low!

        i will paste these proofs to some more open suggestions out there i think some guy have a better range

        No one in hell will pay 20-25 keys if so there insane. I would pay 6-10 keys

          lold. Go and buy one for 6-10 keys.

            Being bought and sold every where for 20+ keys. No logic here.

            even if they do not accept my price, sometime the price of this thing will cost 7 - 9 keys, and I just offered a price I think its fair

              We don't suggest prices, we track them.